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It was such a great honor to be invited to a special event during my sojourn in CDO last month!  Who would have thought I could do some #BloggerDuty while being sent to an academic training for three whole weeks?!  Such side trip, huh?  Well, I did lots of side trips so stay tuned here on the blog!  Hehe…..  Anyway, the CEO of Passionista who also happens to be my very good and dear friend, Miss Kitchie Uy cordially invited me to grace her make-up tutorial event at Limketkai Mall last Saturday, May 27, 2017.

The event started off with Kitchie introducing her Passionista Elites, Charm, Charmaine, and Bea.  The girls are all so talented!  They can ramp, dance, host, and can do make-up very well of course.  At their very young age, they have confidence that of sophisticated young women in stilettos!  I so admired them for their growth as individuals because young as they are, they already know what they want to do with their lives.  They already know their passion and are already following their passion which is very important!  Thanks to Tita Kitchie (as we fondly call each other) for being their mentor!

Miss Kitchie Uy with Her Passionista Elites

As the founder and CEO of Passionista Aesthetics and Consultancy, Kitchie helps young girls in personality development, honing their talents and skills, and in following their dreams.  They offer modeling workshops, fun photoshoots, and make-up tutorials.  The team also do make-up for debuts, weddings, and beauty pageants.  As a professional make-up artist, Tita Kitchie is also part of CDO’s top beauty consultants.  With that, DeTa Beauty Make-Up Line got her as endorser of their products.

DeTa Beauty Make-Up Line (My apologies, these photos are mine.  Hehe…)

DeTa Beauty is a brand new line of cosmetics made in the US by Filipina owner, DeTa Kathleen Maniar.  According to Tita Kitchie, its quality is comparable with MAC but at a lower price.  The Passionista team used DeTa Beauty products all throughout the tutorial and just see the results below.  Very nice coverage, neat, and well-blended, perfect for newbies in the make-up industry.  So better try DeTa Beauty Make-Up Line and see for yourself!

The Three Lovely Volunteers

Thank you so much for ending my sojourn in CDO with a bang, Tita Kitch!  Thanks also to DeTa Beauty team for letting us try their products and a big thanks to Mr. Leon Pelisco for letting me use his photos for this blog post!  More power to all of you!

Passionista and DeTa Beauty Teams

If you’re from Cagayan de Oro City or Bukidnon, LIKE Passionista Aesthetics and Consultancy on FB here for updates on their workshops and other events.  To quip Tita Kitchie, “Be a Passionista! Celebrate your natural inner beauty! Follow your passion! ?”

Thank You for the Opportunity of Plugging My Blog, Titz! 🙂

I am so so proud of you, Tita Kitch! 🙂  You are such an inspiration to us!  You do not only do make-up to make us beautiful outside but you also empower us to be more beautiful and better from inside out!  As they say, “Keep your heels, head and standards high!”  Luv yah!  ‘Til our next collab! 🙂  #tosomevents

For more photos, click here to reach the whole album at Mr. Leon Pelisco‘s FB page! 🙂

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