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chef lau's pugon roasters

Stumbled upon this over-the-counter-sort-of-carenderia resto in a certain mall in Manila during our last visit.  I was enthralled by the long line of people so I guessed that there must be something good about the place.  Then I told Papa to take a seat as I joined the others in the queue.  Looking up at their menu, they mostly serve chicken in whatever way cooked but their specialty is the Pugon Roast Chicken, traditionally roasted in apugon.  If anything is being cooked in a native way, then it must be really, really good!

chef lau's pugon roasters1

Cheesy Chicken Croquetas, Chicken Livers, Spicy Wings, and Pugon Roast Chicken

When our orders came, that’s the time I realized that this fast food restaurant is actually owned by Chef Lau.  Remember him?  He was one of the judges/coaches of Junior MasterChef Pinoy Edition way back 2011-2012.  So I got thrilled to finally have a taste of his very own Filipino recipes with a twist!

The Pugon Roast Chicken is super gingerly as I remember, giving it a hint of Chinesy taste.  It’s crispy in the outside, juicy in the inside, and talagang nanunuot sa buto ang lasa.  My fave Chicken Livers has a unique taste too.  It is too flavorful with my also fave nacho/chili-con-carne taste.  Until now, I couldn’t decipher what herb/spice is that.  Definitely it’s not paprika, oregano, or curry.  My apology.  I really haven’t discovered it yet.  Anyway, Papa had the fried bangus sinigang which surprised us ‘coz there’s really no sabaw in it.  Kaya nga,“fried”.   Hehe….  For take-out, we had Cheesy Chicken Croquetas and Spicy Wings that tasted the same as the Chicken Livers’ “unknown” herb/spice.  Mama and Auntie Lourding didn’t like it as they also always do every time I cook Mexican-style spaghetti with the taco mix, nachos, and tacos.  They just can’t understand the smell of it.  But for me, it’s heaven to my sense of smell and taste buds!  So I gobbled up everything instead!  Haha!

pugon roasters

I felt so lucky to have had discovered Chef Lau’s Pugon Roasters!  It was not part of our itinerary and we discovered it by chance.  That’s what you call “serendipity” in science.  Chance discovery!  So thanks to the long line which called my attention and indeed, the place is not only a fast food resto but also a fast good resto!  I guarantee you, the food is really, really good and good to the pocket too!  Visit Chef Lau’s Pugon Roasters in their branches in Sun Mall, Ayala Triangle Gardens, Light Mall in Mandaluyong (‘coz we stayed in Light Residences), SM City San Lazaro, and McKinley Hill in Taguig.  This may be a little bit late but congratulations to you, Chef Lau for bringing Filipino food to a higher level so we can experience and enjoy Fiesta Araw-Araw!  #tosomeats #tosomtravels
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