Squeeze that Cheez

And my favorite spread in the world got its new packaging!  Presenting to you, easy squeeze packs from Cheez Whiz!!!  It is now so handy to bring cheesiness around.  If you’re going to a picnic, this is now the perfect baon as sandwich spread, dip to chips, topping to other dishes, or viand itself paired with rice as I’m fond of having.

In the same way as Eden Cheese, Cheez Whiz is also loaded with minerals, vitamins, and proteins as I’ve written here.  It also comes in pimiento variant for that different kind of twist.

Aside from the easy squeeze packs, Cheez Whiz is now also available in sachets which makes it so affordable to all moms on a budget!  So for moms out there, give your children their daily calcium needs in a delicious way.  Sneak in Cheez Whiz sachets inside their bags for them to enjoy a Cheez Whiz merienda at school!  And if you want to experiment on Cheez Whiz, visit their website here for fun recipes of this oh-so yummy cheesy goodness.

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