Kagay Whitewater Rafting

When in Mindanao, never fail to experience our adventure pride which is whitewater rafting!  Whitewater raftingis a leisure sport which uses a raft to navigate a river with too many rapids.  The more rapids you’ll pass by and get through, the more fun you’ll have.  And there’s no other legit company who could give you the best ride of a lifetime than Kagay!

Kagay is Cagayan de Oro’s premiere whitewater rafting outfitter.  It has been in the biz for over six years now and still continues to give the safest adventure and most valuable customer satisfaction.  They always see to it that their staff and guides are well-trained and well-equipped in every voyage.  So before hitting the rapids, they give orientation to the troops for they do not do voyages with 2-3 rafts only.  As they say, the more the merrier so as to have plenty of eyes to watch for each other too.

kagay whitewater rafting1
Then off we hit the rapids!  The secret in safeguarding your raft in order for it not to topple upside down is proper coordination within your troop’s members.

kagay white water rafting cagayan1
kagay white water rafting cagayan2
Everybody must listen to the guide very well and must follow his instructions properly.  The paddling must be done in perfect unison to the left, to the right, back, front, and in right number of counts as the guide commands.  Proper positioning was also directed for a more adventurous ride!

kagay white water rafting cagayan3
kagay white water rafting cagayan4
Aside from rafting, you may also enjoy swimming in the cold still waters that we didn’t hesitate but just jumped into it.  The water was so clean when we were there because of the fair weather.

kagay white water rafting cagayan5
kagay whitewater rafting3
Additionally, the Cagayan de Oro river is deep and wide with nature preserved at its best.  You’ll not only enjoy rafting and swimming but you’ll also enjoy its surrounding breathtaking sights.

kagay whitewater rafting2

Our tour lasted for half a day which was the beginner’s course and we were famished by early afternoon upon finishing it.  So if you’re planning to go for rafting, bring some snacks in a water-proof plastic bag to go along the journey.  But I guess you cannot think to eat with too much adrenaline rushing in your veins already.  Hehehe…..

By the end of the cruise, a swimming pool awaits if you want to do more swimming.  But us, we ended up with more eating.

kagay whitewater rafting4

Extreme sports such as rafting is not dangerous at all if we observe proper precautions by listening carefully and following our guide’s commands religiously.  If you want to have an experience of a lifetime, visit Kagay‘s official website here for they also offer other adventure packages in Cagayan de Oro City!

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