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There’s this episode in Sex and the City when Carrie Bradshaw was dumped by a boyfriend through a post-it (2003).  There’s also this local movie, My Amnesia Girl which starred Toni Gonzaga and John Lloyd Cruz that made use of plenty of post-its (2010).  Additionally, Matteo Guidicelli swept Maja Salvador off her feet in real-life through post-its (2012)!  And to further mention, I also have my fair share of post-its here.  Post-its are in, post-its are timeless, and post-its are everywhere in this artsy little café in Cebu, the Café Noriter.


Café Noriter is a Korean coffee and smoothie shop brought here in the Philippines by fellow JCI member, Chimin Yun who is 2014 Executive Vice President of JCI Korea-Daegu Daedeok.  I was glad he was wearing a JCI poloshirt when me and my friends visited the place so I got to introduce myself to him.  He was so hospitable but we only spoke little because he has “little English” as he said and air-quoted.  Unfortunately, I also haven’t taken any photo with him because I haven’t thought of it!  Oh, how silly I was.  I had taken photos all over his place and of ourselves but not one of him.  Maybe I was just overwhelmed that I had found a co-JCI member who accommodated me well and exchanged business cards with.

But anyway, I was also mesmerized by the place because it was so colorful, so playful, and so vibrant!  In short, I was so giddy by the sight of it.  Café Noriter is just so clever in making use of all the tiny space they’ve got.  They have cute nooks installed up-and-down that you will not feel crammed once you are settled inside.  It is just so comfortable like home, sitting barefooted and doing whatever you please.


Moreover, Café Noriter can make you feel like a child again!  It is inspired by a playhouse which houses the most comfortable pillows and huggable bears.  We were literally playing like kids while being there!



And just like kids at play when moms also get us something to drink, the drinks at Café Noriter are extra special.  They are extra sweet as the preference of every child but not to us at all.  So we asked for water to neutralize the sweetness of our drinks.  Hehe…..


Thank you, Café Noriter for a fun-filled afternoon!  And thank you, Chimin Yu for a lovely place!


Lastly, since graffiti is all over the place, I was caught in the act writing mine but I didn’t have it on a post-it.  Surely, post-its had been part of many love stories but I scribbled on wood so it will stay there until it will be seen!



LIKE Café Noriter on Facebook here! 🙂  But better visit them in their branches in Cebu and Manila. So come and set your heart on fire for life again in Cebu!

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