He’s Still Watching Me

Months had passed and I’m still thinking of him.  I missed him yesterday, I miss him today, and maybe I will also miss him tomorrow.  Just until when will I miss him?!

Months had passed and there’s still no “next please”.  Nobody had ever approached aside from him.  Just how long will I sit here waiting?  This current state is just so pathetic!

–        Mary Rosalie T. Olandesca (July 29, 2011)

I super missed him!  I missed our talks, our laughs, our nonsense!  And now, I don’t have a textmate and a phonepal anymore.  I don’t have somebody to occupy my mind.  Worst, I don’t have somebody who has the power to make me smile anymore…:(

Twice of seeing and talking with him after we parted ways showed no spark in his eyes at all.  It was so unlike before that it was only me he was seeing and it was only him I was seeing.  Unlike the times when we got to ignore the people around us.

As I looked into his eyes during those two brief and stolen moments, I asked myself “What happened to us?”  But I quickly shook the thought off from my head and acted normally casual.  Anyway, I’m just glad that he still comes to see me.

Then I knew it!  Eventhough without words, I felt it.  It must had been love!  Love was there.  Love not the boyfriend-girlfriend type.  Love not just a friend but more than a friend.  Love not to a sister from a brother or vice versa.  But love unexplainable!  A very special kind of love, a rare love, a precious one!

I don’t have a heavy heart anymore.  I’m glad that we had managed to save what we had.  I’m still special to him and will always be as what he is to me.  I just lift everything to the Lord God Almighty who created this special bond between us.

Then there was once this Chinese song about the moon that says “the moon represents my heart”.  Like the moon, he will always be there.  Like the moon, he’s still watching me.  A certain movie also says that time is meaningless when you are in love.  But there ain’t no guarantee that I can wait.  So as February ends, allow me to also end this love story for the meantime.  There were already plenty of blah blah blahs and my message to him is just so simple:

“This I promise you – if in another lifetime we’ll meet again, I’ll never let you go…..”



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