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After my grueling and hellish undergrad years in Iligan City, I vowed never to come back to the place again!  So I did that.  For a number of years, I just passed by the city every time I went to Cagayan de Oro and even never took a glance at MSU-IIT along Tibanga Highway.  I just loathed my experiences there sooo much!  But after five years of closing my eyes and heart to the city, I got into JCI-Ozamiz Red Rose whose twin chapter was JCI-Iligan Jaycees Inc. so I had all the chances to go back to Iligan City over and over again!

Then I started to enjoy Iligan.  Together with the Red Roses, we always got VIP treatment during inductions and conferences.  With that, I got to see more of the city than I did when I was still in college.  So I also started to love the place!

On the other hand, my college bestie Cathy always invited me over to celebrate with her and her family on their special occasions but I never showed up.  It was only on her wedding when I did.  Aside from that, she always encouraged me to join PICHE-Iligan Bay Chapter and some Chemical Engineering seminars but I always declined.  However, after renewing my license three times without PRC asking me for CPD points, I realized that it’s about time to get some ‘coz maybe they will not allow me to renew my next anymore.  So off I went to Iligan City two weeks ago to attend the 7th International Scientific and Engineering Forum with Engr. Lumosad and Engr. Larubis of LSU and Engr. Florida of DTI-Ozamiz.

After our mind-wrecking whole day seminar, we got so exhausted.  So to destress our brain cells, Engr. Acibar (that’s Cathy) brought us to have a drink at Fat Pauly’s Hand-Crafted Ales & Lagers in Pala-o, Iligan City.  I guess that was formerly Batci’s, the place where Jamie (my high school bff) always brought me to hang-out with her way back college days.  And I got so happy Cathy found a place that just spells M-E! 

Fat Pauly’s Hand-Crafted Ales & Lagers is Iligan’s one and only producer of local beers.  If I had Tiger in Singapore, Soju in South Korea, and beer in barrels in Vietnam, then I should not miss this for my entire life!  But I’m not a drunkard as you might think there.  I just drink occasionally and just for socialization and stop until I get tipsy.  That’s just it, nothing more and nothing less.  I just want the flavors of the world, you know!

And speaking of flavors, Fat Pauly’s has a wide range of selection!  They have Sultan, Iligan, Ilaya, Lumad, Diwata, Kundiman, Filemon, Radler, and some Specials which come and go from time to time in the menu.  And for that night, we had Hefeweizen as our special which for me has a hint of peppermint that’s too refreshing.  Beers on tap are available in full pint at P150, half pint at P100, and flight of 4 at also P150.  Full pint is the largest glass, half pint are the medium ones and flight of 4 are the smallest so you get to taste four flavors at that very reasonable price!

I loved Diwata ‘coz it’s a bit spicy (not that red-hot-chili-pepper spice but other kind of spice).  If I found Kundiman light, then I didn’t much fall for Iligan which tasted like herbal blend to me.  And as for our favorite, it was Radler!  It’s a mix of Filemon and Kundiman with that subtle zest of lemon that makes you want for more!  By the way, we had my fave nachos as our pulutan and Fat Pauly’s also serves pork cracklings, sausages and other deli products.  

Moreover, the place’s atmosphere is also great for bonding!  They do have board games for rent, good ol’ music, and I heard that they also hold quiz shows every now and then.  I wish Ozamiz will also have a rendezvous like this wherein we can just let our hair down and be ourselves.  Hehe…..

We so enjoyed the night of knowing each other (for Cathy, Rea, and Ma’am Jo’s part ‘coz they first met then) and catching up with each other (for Cathy and me).  Additionally, I also had the opportunity to do some blogger duty with these awesome people who greatly support my flair!  Now here are the evidences of my celebrity syndrome!  Haha…..

Cheers to the New Year, guys! 🙂

Thank you so much, Engr. Cathy Meow for the treat! 🙂

Now as a DTI-sponsored entrepreneur, I urge you guys (as I always do) to choose local and go local!  Visit Fat Pauly’s Hand-Crafted Ales and Lagers in their FB page here!  #tosomfeatures

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