#12daysto32 Day -13: Wayback / Throwback / Flashback Debut

Then I reached day negative 13 of my #12daysto32 countdown!  Pagbigyan nyo na ang lola nyo #minsanlangto!  It’s still my birth month, y’ know.  Hehe….. So for today, I’ll be sharing to you, my dear readers a super #waybackwednesday, mega #throwbackthursday, and over #flashbackfriday post!  Fourteen years ago, I celebrated my 18th birthday this same last Saturday of October.  So I went digging up some old photos of this momentous event of my life!

The gown I wore was by Ate Vangie Arellano of Jejeelyn’s.  She has been doing my gowns since I was little for the sagalas I joined during Flores de Mayo.  Hair and make-up was by Aisa, mom’s favorite artist whose beauty parlor I grew up in playing with his blower, combs, and pedi/mani paraphernalia.  Bouquet of flowers was by Kuya Boots, my favorite cuzzy florist.

My honorable members of the cotillion de honor.  The lords are Tootsie, Don2x, Apollo, Sandy, Ian, Kirk, Al Roy, Arthur, and Daryl.  The ladies are Vian, Rio, Hermesa, Ep2x, Jamie, Ruth, Bunny, Matoy, and Cherry Ann.  The royal dance was choreographed by Mrs. Connie Rada, a renowned Ozamiznon choreographer of all time.

Of course I also have to mention my “dashing” escort (as dubbed by my host, Mr. Federico Araniego who was beginning his career as an event coordinator and host at that time), Architect Earl Lagahid.

Blowing my 18 candles signified a big milestone in my life.  It signaled the start of womanhood and setting childish ways aside.  But as I turned 32 days ago, I realized that age is only a number ‘coz I still have that child in me (as always).  My pretty cake is by Uncle Yayang of Mom’s Sweet Delight who also happens to be my ninong.

Then what’s a debut without surprises?  These besties just got me under their skin!  Imagine that they stole my ever beloved antique comb just for this?  I was about not to go to my belated birthday celebration just to look for my comb all over my room!  But I loved it so when I got to know how much these girls know me.  It was just so overwhelming especially with the mangga and uyap from outside Gaizano.  Hehe…..

And my sisters will kill me for this!  Just take a look at Ep2x on the first pic and Laling on the second one.  Hehe…..Just some photo bloopers of my big day.  Without my family, I would not had a bongga 18th birthday celebration.  Thank you so much, Papa and Mama for the gift of life from day zero onwards! 🙂

*Photos and Videography by Konica Classique Crystal Studio

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