Things to Do on Rainy Days

We are now more than halfway towards the end of 2014 and this means more storms to come to our dear country, Philippines.  With over 30+ storms visiting our country each year, we have plenty of time to stay indoors for these storms are coming like monsters, knocking off houses, vehicles, trees, electric posts, and lives.  But let’s not allow this dreary weather to dampen our spirits.  Don’t let that rain on your parade!  So here are a few things to do on rainy days and Mondays that won’t get you down since we will be having house arrests for the coming days.

1.  Cook Something

Grab this opportunity to try your new pan, new cookbook, or a new recipe.  There are plenty of things to cook.  Experiment on whatever you can rummage out from your fridge and pantry for happy tummies during rainy days.

Slique Frying Pan Purchased through Lazada

2.  Do a Little Looming

This may seem a little bit kiddy for some but anyone can do this.  Even grandmas came to the store to purchase loom band refills.  Honestly, I was quite shocked because I thought that the loomies were for their grandchildren at first.  But the loomies were actually for their own consumption for their new pastime.  So for beginners, just search a design over YouTube tutorials and you’ll surely get hooked into it!

Loom Band Kits Still Available at Fascino

3.  Read a Book

You may probably have a book in your bookshelf that you haven’t read yet.  Now’s the best time to read it!  Reading is a great way to an adventure without having to leave your house.

If I Stay Will Hit the Big Screen this August

4.  Write in Your Journal

With raindrops keep falling, you can’t help but get senti2x.  Being sentimental is not bad at all.  We also have to feel emo at times to be in touch with our soul.  Having your thoughts in print can help you mull things over on what to change, what to pursue, and what to end.  That’s why I’m encouraging you, folks to write, write, write!

5.  Watch a Movie

For me, watching movies is time-consuming so I don’t get to watch films that often.  But if there’s a nice flick out there, I will definitely make time.  And since it is raining, I can do movie marathon the whole day!

6.  Curl Up In Bed

Lazing around is never my thing but it would just be so nice to curl up in bed when the weather is cold enough to snow.  And during rainy days, we have all the license in the world to just lay down with our fluffy pillows and stuffy toys.

There you go, blog readers!  Keep safe for the upcoming days and also remember to use your free time wisely.  Let us all pray that storms this year won’t be like Yolanda of last year.

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