Our Grandfather’s Legacy

Tomorrow is our Gpa’s 7th year death anniversary and in commemorating it, I’ll share something that has long been overdue as per request by my cousin Rio.  So I’m posting this in advance for I will be spending the whooooole day at the store again (with this, I had missed celebrating our dear Ella’s birthday today and I’m still fervently praying for Tata to be back).  Anyway, what I learned most from our Gpa is the way that he handles money.  Way back when I was in second year high school and was asked to give a birthday message to his 80th year bongga party, I wrote a speech emphasizing of how thrifty our Gpa was.  That was what I thought of people being so kuripot and matipid – they are thrifty.  But when I became an adult, I realized that being thrifty is not being a kuripot but it is about being a wise spender.

Although I really did not grow up with my Gpa always around (we never lived together under one roof), I discovered that I had inherited some traits from him pala when I became his personal caregiver before he died.  For one, he loved to write and I started to dream of writing even when I was still in grade school.  Second, the way he utilized a paper back to back without margin, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing ever since nagkamalay na ako without somebody teaching me.  And most importantly, the way he valued money.  He was such an example of an ideal wise spender.

Even without Gpa telling me how to spend money, I am already wise spending ever since.  Many people say that I am selfish and kuripot but when I evaluate myself, I am not.  I am just putting my money into good use.  And this is also what our Gpa left us – investing for the future.  To invest doesn’t mean to put a whole lot of money into business or stock market.  Even with a centavo, you can invest!  But don’t get me literally.  What I’m trying to say here is you can still invest even if you just have a little amount of money to loose.  Just for example, I bought a pack of 25 pieces of candies at P20 and sold the candies to classmates at P1 each.  Then I could have RC cola being sold at P5 in our school canteen for recess when I was still in Grade 5.  Or by the end of the week, I could buy a set of stationery which I went gaga for collecting.

But oftentimes, I didn’t spend my profit for personal use yet.  I added the profit to capital for another pack of candies.  Just like what Gpa did, he started small with one pig then grew it into a piggery.  He also started one lumber to a furniture shop.  Then what he left us now is the compound that we’re staying in.  This is I can say, the blood and sweat of our Gpa.

With a big ancestral house with children gone out to put up families on their own, our Gpa started out to have one room for rent to boarders.  In a while, the room became two to three rooms until he only left a room for himself.  Then he started building a 2-story duplex house and opened it for rent to families.  In due time, it became a 3-door apartment and also added row houses.  Thus, the L & L Olandesca Townhaus (Leonardo and Luz) came into existence.  It officially opened last December 12, 2002 for our Gpa’s grand 86th birthday party (after 6 years of knowing that he has prostate cancer).

The row houses were named after his 5 girl apos – Mary Rosalie, Vian, Rio Fidji (but misspelled), April Love, and June Ann.  But the boys were not jealous of this idea.  Hehe.  Anyway, the row house is like a bachelor’s pad tamang-tama for a person who wants to live alone.  It has its own bath and toilet, lavatory, cupboards, and cabinets.  One can have a mini sala in it, dining area, and of course sleeping area.  One can also cook inside and just live in solitary without that stress of a companion.  But if you are not the loner type, a double deck can also be provided so you can also have somebody to share the rent with.

Our compound is so peaceful with the land ladyship of our Auntie Bebot.  She is so accommodating to everybody and always there to help, may you be a first-year student who is adjusting to the city life or a newlywed who is adjusting to the married life.  Her house is always open to guests and she loves it so much when people come to her.  Through our auntie’s goodness, wherever we go around the world, we always find a house for us to stay just like our compound.  The landlords or landladies that we have/had are just like our homey Auntie Bebot making us so at home in their own homes.

So if you are looking for a place to stay here in Ozamis, feel free to take a look at our townhaus!  We are located at the back of Malindang Lodge, Las Aguadas Ext., Brgy. Carmen Annex, Ozamis City.  It is a place of friendship and of love for it is built by our Gpa’s love.  With or without material things, it is the love that binds us that is truly our grandfather’s legacy! 🙂

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