My Pandemic Musings

Store’s book of accounts but I’m still glad to be part of HIStory! 🙂

Freedom!  Just what it is?  I’ve been wondering why our heroes fought for it!?  From the Spanish colonialism to Japanese occupation to the American grip!  Just what is freedom?  Men are social beings.  It is innate for us to react, respond to stimuli.  It is natural for us to be in a relationship, may it be mutualism, commensalism or whatever there is.  We are not made to be an island! 

Now this pandemic is getting into me!  No travel!  Even the multi-decibels noise of airplanes can’t be heard!  No OOTD’s!  I don’t have new photos of nice background to be posted on IG!  God, my nerves keep on pulsating due to travels! It is where my heart beats!  It is where my blood keeps on running! 

But please don’t get me wrong with this.  I am not complaining ‘coz I’m beyond blessed here in our little town.  Perhaps I am just being selfish just for a few minutes by sulking over our life two months ago.  Oh, how everything has changed in just that matter of a fraction of time?  I know this is only temporal and I am praying and hoping for better days!  Better days for all of us, better days for us to savor our freedom again! 

Our freedom to go out there again, our freedom to celebrate life again, our freedom to live life at its fullest!  To be with our loved one, to make love like there is no tomorrow, to just let it all out without the laws, the restrictions, the inhibitions! 

As I’m putting this on paper, I’m also writing down my old self away!  May I be free!  Free from the limitations!  Now, a big thunder has just exploded!  May my old self be taken away by the lightning which came in a flash!  I am welcoming the new me who doesn’t abide rules obediently and religiously!  I am the new me who is free!  Free to move, free to love, free to dance the dance of life!  I am sending out to the universe that I’m freeing myself from who I was always thinking of me before.  I am not that bitter spinster (“the old maid teacher”) anymore!  I am loved, I am happy.  I will become a wife and a mom!  Now, I’m standing up for this whatever it takes! 

So that is what freedom is!  Freedom to choose!  Freedom to change, to disrupt fate, to mess up with the cosmos!  FREEDOM to LOVE!  For a person, a country, a career, for one’s self, or whatsoever.  Let us just be FREE in everything we desire because to be happy is what we all deserve! 🙂

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