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The Misamis Union High School (MUHS) successfully held its summer classes culmination program this morning at the Pre-School Department.  Regular students of the school and several students from other schools also enrolled for the various fun summer classes which commenced last April 9, 2012.

Enhancement classes for English Reading, Mathematics, and Filipino were conducted.  These aim to further the knowledge of the children so they will have advance learning in preparation for the upcoming school year.  Chinese nationals are also welcome for tutorials the ESL-way.  With the competence of the school’s English teachers, non-English speakers can very well understand and speak the language after the program!

enhancement classes

Teachers from Upper Left: Yieldeza Ebale, Amielyll Pauline Cabilan, Checkleth Tabulado, Aidalyn Alcopra, and Christy Taborada

Little kids had so much fun with their art workshop!  They were taught several forms of art like painting, origami, and clay sculpting by Mrs. Rhodora M. Namit.art attack

Enhancing the Child’s Creativity

For showbizly kids, there were also sing and dance workshops conducted by Teacher Amielyll and Teacher Checkleth.  Through these workshops, the children can freely express themselves and overcome shyness in facing an audience.sing & dance worshop

Talented Kids Preparing for Recital

With the height of the Junior Master Chef’s popularity, everybody big or small are inspired to cook and wants to become a cook.  So MUHS opened the opportunity for young children to learn how to cook by offering culinary classes.  The school invited Chef Randy Co, owner of Shanghai Boy and Chef Niῆo Tang, owner of Morabora to teach the kids all the how to’s in cooking.  Moreover, Miss Hilbetha Bucua also conducted baking classes for the kids.

Chef Randy's Culinary Class
Chef Randy’s Culinary Class
Chef Niῆo's Culinary Class
Chef Niῆo’s Culinary Class
Ma'am Beth's Baking Class
Ma’am Beth’s Baking Class

The kids also had the chance to visit the very busy kitchen of Ozamiz City’s top fine-dining restaurant, the Mooon Cafe.  This is a very rare opportunity for the children to be exposed into the real kitchen world of being a chef!  The kids were privileged enough to experience real-life kitchen scenarios.

mooon cafe ozamiz

Mooon Cafe Kitchen Tour

As the summer classes ended today, the kids had a lot of fun while learning!  With that, they are now excited for next year’s summer classes.  We salute the diligence of our dear children.  Congratulations and may you apply what you had learned wherever life may lead you!

muhs teachers
MUHS Teaching Staff for Summer 2012 (me as a sidebit!  hehe…)


Credits to Teacher Annalyn Jayme for the photos.

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