Fascino Thanksgiving Party 2018 x Lablab for Kids Christmas Year 5

Disclaimer:  This activity was unintentionally a part of Lablab for Kids Christmas project.  This was another impromptu bright idea that suddenly popped up in my mind to give joy to the kids.  I just used the same title because we only have one goal and that is to put a smile in every kid’s heart this […]

Pas’ungko Trade Fair Goes to Gaisano Opening

Photo Grabbed from Ms. Thata G. Roxas The province of Misamis Occidental comes alive with a festive mood every first week of November as it celebrates the Pas’ungko S’g Mis. Occ. Festival.  “Pas’ungko” – a Subanen word which means “thanksgiving after a fruitful harvest”, provides a glimpse into the colorful culture of the Subanen people.  […]

A Glimpse of ProPak Philippines 2019

I’ve got mail today!  Mails always excite me especially if they’re via airmail!  Still nothing beats the classic package of communication from the post office for me!  Anyway, my mail is actually a visitor invitation for ProPak Philippines 2019.  Oh, how time flies sooooo fast again!  It’s already five months when I attended ProPak Asia […]

Misamis Occidental Tourism Guide: Kawa Hot Bath and Spa

Misamis Occidental tourism guide smiling candidly while bathing in Kawa

Relax in a giant “wok” hot tub in Tibiao, Antique is tripzilla.com’s number 3 in 8 Fun and Unique Things to Do in The Philippines.  As Filipinos, we are really talented in finding out-of-this-world adventures, sources of income, and baliw-baliwan!  So acting like being cooked by cannibals or witches in a big cauldron became a […]