My Little Blogging’s Sweet Fruit

OMG!!!!!  Got an email from looloo iNSIGHTS informing me that they had featured my photo on Bucket Shrimps!  Like, over OMG!  I was overly kilig upon reading their mail!  Wow!  My little blogging had again paid off.  This is another sweet fruit of pursuing a little life here in the blogosphere.  Though I’m too far from my idols,Patty Laurel and Laureen Uy, still I’m having a tiny space in here!  This inspires me to write more, to shoot more, to feature more, and to serve more.  I know my time to shine will come that I’d be discovered and be given a break.  Hehehe.

Anyway, I’m also happy informing people on honest reviews of events and places I’ve been to.  I’m always glad to answer emails on queries from random people regarding some people I know and the places I had featuredhere and abroad.  It is always my pleasure to give them information as long as I have.  And I’m delighted for them to have trusted me so a big thank you for that, my dear blog readers! 🙂  Thank you, thank you for keeping up with me!  Though at times I have nega write-ups here regarding my travails in love life (just like yesterday), still you are reading me and being patient with me.  Hehe.  Just by having all of you, I feel so loved!

Now if you’d like to have a glimpse of my little “starship”, click here!  Thank you, Peanut of looloo iNSIGHTS for the space! 🙂


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