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menu of Misamis Occidental coffee shop

Photo Grabbed from Re Café

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Word of mouth has it!  The rumored homemade burger in Circumferential Road is indeed a bomb!  The news has been spreading all over town since August but I had a hard time looking for the place ‘coz it doesn’t have a signage yet.  Well, as I’ve said “homemade”, the café is just like a backyard hobby/toy of Ozamiz’ renowned photographer, Laurence “Enshong” Miranda.  It is at their very own residence, right across Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses or let’s just have Firm Foundation Christian Academy ‘coz that’s more prominent.  Welcome to Re Café, a must-visit Misamis Occidental coffee shop!

Anyway, I was so glad that Christ brought me to the place last Saturday for our One-to-One discipleship.  As we entered Re Café, the place was full of familiar faces.  Very familiar if I might add ‘coz most of them were/are my students.  Getting a seat was also hard ‘coz the space is small which is to be expected for a starting business as Misamis Occidental coffee shop.  I guess Laurence is still experimenting on being an entrepreneur as he is also experimenting in the kitchen with his very own goodies.

Speaking of goodies, there goes the burger which he calls hanbāgā.  Not his own word of course ‘coz that’s how to say hamburger in Japanese.  The owner is an avid fan of anime by the way.  As proof, you can also see some of his collector’s item anime dolls in this Misamis Occidental coffee shop.  Anyhow, the hanbāgā is really big!  Jumbo bun, massive patty, whole strip of bacon, tomato, lettuce, and smothered with generous cheese.  At first, I thought I couldn’t eat the whole burger but as Christ and I went into our discussion, I was surprised to have gobbled up every bit of it.  Mind you, it is not something that you’ll easily get enough with.  The patty is so tender, made with real meat and no extenders.  You can say that it really is pure meat ‘coz it falls into pieces once cut.  Additionally, you can also tell that it has no preservatives by the look itself.  It’s freshly made, organic in my opinion, much more with the fresh lettuce and tomato.

To match with the burger, we ordered Oreo Milkshake and Banana Nutella Milkshake.  I had the latter.  One sip of it and I forgot my name!  Lol!  Seriously, it was heaven for a Misamis Occidental coffee shop!  I really really love Nutella and the drink doesn’t disappoint.  It is so smooth, not too sweet, and just has the right blend of everything in it.  Additionally topped with ice cream and I went nuts!  But wait, was it whipped cream or ice cream?  Duh!  It seemed like ice cream to me!  Haha!  For me it’s superb that I almost had a brain freeze!  Hehe…..

burger of Misamis Occidental coffee shop

Now thanks to Kring2x for suggesting Re Café to be our One-to-One venue.  I will definitely go back to have a taste of their s’mores and crêpe.  So that makes dining in Ozamiz Americanized.  Thanks for bringing this concept to the city, Enshong!  As for the menu, it’s OK to stick with the choices at the time being however, more tables and chairs please……Hehe…..  More power to you and to Re Café as you share to us your homemade goodies delicately handcrafted with so much love! 🙂

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Enshong Miranda of Misamis Occidental coffee shop
Credits to Enshong Miranda for the Photo

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