Masquerade Ball

A night of glamour
A night of enchantment
A night of splendor

The MUHS Junior-Senior Prom

With the theme Strangers in the Night, Misamis Union High School held its annual Promenade last February 23, 2013 at Casa Esperanza.  The event was held to expose their students to social gatherings and teach them how to behave appropriately in such events.  From the word itself promenade, the students walked with grace and finesse showcasing themselves in their most impressive get-up.

Albeit the impression that the prom was just about the extravagant ball gowns and fancy masquerade masks, it was actually an event of customs and traditions.  One of these is the turn-over of the key of responsibility.  The key of responsibility symbolizes the authority of the seniors to take charge over the whole student population of MUHS.  This means that seniors must act as role models for the younger ones.  They must conduct themselves well in public, show proper behavior, and obey school rules and regulations.  In this way, the younger students would imitate them thus creating harmonious relationships within the campus.

Senior Class President Darylle Jade Cabataña and Junior Class President Chanel Rose Baluyos

Another tradition is the exchange of candles and roses.  The juniors gave the seniors roses as tokens for their journey to a new chapter in their lives.  As the seniors leave the campus for their upcoming college adventure, they were given remembrances to bring along with them wherever they will go.  Meanwhile, the seniors gave the juniors candles as light to their path.  This served as the juniors’ guide on how to become good leaders next in line.

Additionally, there was also the reading of the class history and class will by the seniors.  The class history told their story from preschool to senior high.  It was about their triumphs and defeats throughout their schooling years in MUHS.  On the other hand, the class will stated what the seniors would want the juniors to inherit from them.  It could be a certain thing, a hobby, or an attitude.  The point was to show that despite their differences, the two classes relate to each other somehow.

Class History Read by Gussie Yvonne Dolloso & Al-Shariff Lim Class Will Read by Hannah Joy Lim
Class History Read by Gussie Yvonne Dolloso & Al-Shariff Lim
Class Will Read by Hannah Joy Lim

Nevertheless, the prom could not be a prom without the much awaited Cotillion de Honor.  The ball dance provided a platform for the youngsters to practice social grace.  It also taught them conversational skills, proper coordination, and how to conduct formal interaction with the opposite sex.

Another highlight of the event was the singing of the JS song which symbolizes friendship.  The song was their real-life theme song just like in movies, some kind of a national anthem for their kin, or an alma mater song for their class.  It was something to hum in the future to bring back sweet teenage memories.

misamis-union-high-school-masquerade-ballAnd of course, the bestest must be awarded accordingly.  With the scrutinizing eyes of our judges, the deserving ones garnered the major awards.

Ms. Marie Celle Mosqueda, Mr. Nell Benjie Manlegro, and Ms. Merry Pearl Rupinta
Ms. Marie Celle Mosqueda, Mr. Nell Benjie Manlegro, and Ms. Merry Pearl Rupinta


Junior Prince – Ferdinand Chiong
Junior Princess – Sophia Lauren Lim
Senior Prince – Raphael Loreto
Senior Princess – Darylle Jade Cabataña
Prom King – Michael Uy

Prom Queen – Darylle Jade Cabataña

Then prom won’t be complete without the dance for all wherein I got the chance to dance with my anak Lowell, my bb EJ, and my son Vincel.

The Proud Ma'amy, Ma'ama, and Ma'amsky
The Proud Ma’amy, Ma’ama, and Ma’amsky

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