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I’ve been teaching for 8 whole years now and last month was my very first time to be given the opportunity to attend a seminar.  But it was not only a seminar.  It was more than a seminar workshop and more than a training because it was 3-week long!  Three weeks!  Yes, three whole weeks!  I left Ozamiz to be in Cagayan de Oro City, the longest I’ve been away since coming home after epic fails in working in the plant industries in big cities after college.  Three whole weeks of being away from my store, my businesses, my plants, my friends, my brethren, and my family.  It was actually a 3-unit subject so it was like having a summer class.  I didn’t like it but I didn’t have a choice.  I’m the only single, available, and the “younger” in our department so what could I do?  Off I went to CDO with a heavy heart but not knowing that there were surprises awaiting me!

From St. John Baptist De La Salle to St. Francis Xavier, From Lasallian to Atenista

I was so lucky that the delivering higher education institution I was assigned to be in was Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan!  Though Ateneo and La Salle always fight for championships in volleyball, their founders actually shared the same goal and that is to educate young people.  So don’t dwell much on the “competition” thingy.  Lasallian invaders like me were very much welcomed in Ateneo by the Atenistas we made friends with!

Too Much of a Bookworm

I’ve never been to a library this big!  Xavier has a 5-story building filled with books!  So I grabbed the opportunity to be like Belle, exploring the world through books!  Though everything is already in the internet nowadays, there’s still nothing compared with reading words on print.  It’s more reliable and truthful, direct from the author and not some copy-pasted or spinned material.  So for you millennials, please do read books and don’t consider it as some “old school” thingy.

STS Group 4

Apart from my amazing STS classmates, I had the chance to bond with these beautiful souls!  From left to right, meet Sir Paw of RC-Al Khwarizmi International College, Miss Cheska of AMA Computer College, Ms. Kristine Jay of  St.Peter’s College of Balingasag, and Ms. Rizza May of Pilgrim Christian College.  We do group works happily together ‘coz our minds meet, connecting serious stuffs with jokes and punch lines.  I could never forget I became a beauty pageant contestant with this gang!  Thank you for the fun memories, guys! 🙂

College Life This Is!

The training was so tedious with all the group works, quizzes, reflection paper, position paper, reporting, etc.  But all hard work had been paid of with the learning I got.  I was also very lucky to be mentored by Xavier’s top Chemistry instructors, Ms. Melodina Estoce, RCh and Dr. Annalyn Asok, RCh.  We just had awesome afternoon classes with them filled with biscuits, coffee, mixed nuts, and korniks!

With Our Beautiful Trainers, Dr. Asok and Ms. Estoce

Aside from the training, CHED was also very generous to treat us with a day off so up we went Ultra Winds Mountain Resort!  We had so much fun especially when we had our rehearsal for our presentation for the culmination program the following day.  All crazies were in the house, yo! 🙂

STS Class During Our Rehearsal

And here’s the full coverage of our presentation.  Thanks to Ma’am Bethe for the concept, story, costumes, props, and for being our director! 🙂

All in, my sojourn in CDO was such a wonderful experience not only with the new knowledge gained but also with the growth of my social life!  I made new friends with professional college instructors from different parts of Northern Mindanao.  Moreover, I also did side trips to have a life outside the university!

To balance, I spent time with my high school classmates, Grakkie, Doc John Mark, Ruth and their respective families, had fellowship with Ate Belle and other sisters in Christ at CCF CDO and, did blogger duties for Passionista and Jollibee, and pursued yoga at One Yoga Wellness Studio which I will be featuring next Friday so stay tuned!

Thank you so much, CHED for giving me some “summer vacation” that I could never forget!  Thank you Xavier University, my amazing STS classmates, One Yoga family, and dear friends for making me feel at home in Cagayan de Oro!  ‘Coz my sojourn in CDO = happy memories! 🙂  ‘Til we meet again, STS Class and let’s look forward into teaching STS this 2018! 🙂

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