Welcoming New Years

New years are new beginnings!  They must be welcomed with positivity and good vibes!  There must be noise, coins, and foods!  Papa is in charged with the noise by clanging frying pans, mama is in charged with the coins by viva, throwing coins all over the house, while I’m the boss in the kitchen.  Everybody in the compound is invited to have media noche in our house, may they be immediate family, boarders, transients, or long-time tenants.

olandesca family

New Year 2004 (My Gpa’s Last New Year Picture with Us)
But people come and people go.  If one left, another one arrives.  The important thing is, we are one in celebrating the new year!
olandesca ozamiz
New Year 2006
But being one is sometimes unattainable for communal living because we are different as individuals.  Sometimes, some of us raise voices at each other for disagreements on things but we do resolve conflicts easily.
olandesca 2007
New Year 2007
And mind you, there were never wars between all of us because we are all peace-loving citizens.
olandesca 2008
Plus, we have God as the center of our family that binds us altogether in one love.
olandesca 2009
Eventhough that now, some had gone out of the country, we still celebrate new year together through Skype or Ovoo.
olandesca 2010
New Year 2010

For it is always a great thing to be in oneness as we welcome every coming year of our lives.

olandesca 2011
Moreover, great things start from great beginnings!  Let us all start afresh with more love, peace, and harmony!
olandesca 2012

Thank you, Year 2011 and welcome Year 2012!:)

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