One Year Bloggin’ and Still Lovin’ It!

As I was Getting Started with this blog, I wondered what will I write here.  Indeed, I had let people know about anything that matters most in Monday Matters.  I had written my corny and desperate compositions about my love flops in September 2011 and February 2012 month-long tales.  And yes, I had written about the places I had been to in My Adventures.  I had also talked much about people who are dear to me.  And even without having this as one of my goals, I had featured local businesses in Feature Friday!  Moreover, I had enlisted the itsy bitsy things that make me happy in My Potpourri!:)

Surprisingly, I had also built an audience!  It’s so overwhelming and flattering to see the likes and comments of my friends, friends of my friends, and total strangers!  Through this blog, I met new people and rewarded some Lucky Blog Readers!

After a year of running this blog, I could say that I had made this great!  With over 7,503 page views and still counting, it’s more than enough an accomplishment for me!  So I’m not gonna end this.  I will pursue this bloggin’ thingy until this will turn out to be the greatest!:)

And to all of you my dear blog readers, thank you so much for your patronage and for bearing with my ka-ekekan!  Now I encourage you to get out from your shell.  Just like me, be true and be yourself!  Express yourself in whatever ways you want.  For true happiness comes from revealing who you really are!

So, get more from The Other Side of Mae as we enjoy life’s simplest and sweetest pleasures!:)

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