Old Maid

A scary word, isn’t it? I don’t understand why nine out of ten people make a very big deal out of this word. They consider it as a misfortune, an outcast, and worst of all, a scare!
When a woman stays single, people immediately think that she’s not lucky in love. That she has been badly broken-hearted, that she has never had the chance to meet her soulmate, and that cupid missed his target on her.
Pretty silly though, but it’s true. For they say that falling in love comes only once in our lives. And it’s up to us whether to pursue it or not. Love is a risk and is a matter of taking chances. And these so-called “old maids” chose not to pursue it for very reasonable reasons….
Reasons that do no just came out of the blue but reasons that are based on experiences and truth.
People also think that old maids are pitiful and miserable. It’s always a connotation that they are bitter to life. It has been a trademark for them to be moody, irritable, and unkind.
Well, these have reasons too. And whatever those reasons are, these are acceptable if only we open our minds and put our feet in their shoes.
Lastly, ladies are always threatened by the word “old maid”. Nobody ever wants to be one! As a result of the society’s prejudice, it became a mind set that being an old maid is a very unfortunate fate. It is as if it’s a curse, an incurable disease, and a disgrace.
So what if there are old maids. Each one of them has her own unique story to tell that ought to be appreciated. So why pity them? It is their choice to stay single for through it, they find happiness.
I think it’s about time for us to see old maids in a different way. Behind every choice are reasons. And behind every reason are principles. We can’t just choose and buy a pair of shoes without testing if it fits our size, suits our style, is comfortable to wear, and most importantly, serves to protect our feet as its purpose.
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