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Since I’m a go-getter of fab finds at very low prices, I’m into garage sales, flea markets, and bazaars.  I always love the idea of being streetwise, getting more for less.  I’m still the person who doesn’t splurge on clothes, shoes, and bags of high-end brands even if they’re already on sale.  But if I find such “brands” on some of my friends’ preloved posts, I consider getting one as long as the price is still reasonable (and negotiable).  Much more if it is from a bazaar where prices are at their lowest, I’ll definitely go gaga!

Bazaars in Ozamiz are already sprouting like mushrooms.  Ukay-ukay just seems to be everywhere especially this week’s celebration of the city’s fiesta.  The more ukay-ukay available around, the more I couldn’t find something fabulous.  I don’t know, but I just see it as too mainstream that I couldn’t get something unique at all.  Everything are just the same in my eyes.

But by happy chance, there’s this new bazaar in town that offers a whole new ukay-ukay experience!  It is located at the old FJK building at Animas Cor. Washington Sts., Brgy. Aguada, the Rodeo Drive Surplus Warehouse!

rodeo drive ozamiz

Photo Grabbed from Rodeo Drive
Rodeo Drive has an assortment of apparels from tops to bottoms from a myriad of brands.  Name it and you’ll have it as long as you keep your eyes open.  It’s hassle-free shopping in here for you don’t have to dig up as what my Tagalog cuzzy always say about ukay-ukay that it’s hukay-hukay.  The clothes are conveniently displayed in hangers and well-organized.  Blouses and dresses for women in one area, sweater, caps, and cargo pants for men in another area, and cute jumpers and overalls for children in another.  Aside from clothes, Rodeo Drive also has bags, curtains, bedsheets, and carpets.  The warehouse is also a wholesaler of kids’ toys, just in time for Christmas which is already a few months from now!rodeo drive ozamiz (1)
As a frequent by-passer of Animas St. in my daily home-school-store routes, I’ve been wanting to drop by Rodeo Drive for days already but I couldn’t shop without the “accomplice”.  Gladly, Quennie, Ann Lorein, and Christine Mae decided to check the place last Wednesday while waiting for VM for our Circa ’99 mission.  So it’s time to do the blog!  Excuse me for my uniform, I was fresh from school then and this shopping spree was unplanned.  Luckily, it was the 15th though!  Hehe…..rodeo drive ozamiz1
Having these three with me made my afternoon getaway super fun!  I didn’t know that Quennie and Ann Lorein are masters of ukay-ukay who could easily spot the famous brands.  I’m not really particular with brands so perhaps that’s the reason why I was kulelat during the search.  But once they see something good, they give to me.  And that made me think to have them as my ukay-ukay buddies.  Plus the jolly chitchat of Christine Mae and the whole shebang, an ukay-ukay shopping was indeed a blast!

rodeo drive ozamiz2
Bazaars are great so let’s all welcome a new one!  With Rodeo Drive, ukay-ukay in Ozamiz had gone high-end but prices are the same with what’s already around.

rodeo drive ozamiz3
Now if you are up for fabulous finds at the lowest prices, visit Rodeo Drive Surplus Warehouse!  Store hours are from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM.  They have new bundles every first week of the month, 20% off on all clothing items by the 2nd week, 50% off by the 3rd, and as big as 70% discount by the 4th!  Also like their FB fanpagehere for updates!

ozamiz ukay ukay

Thanks to Sir Mark Tan for the Opportunity! 🙂
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