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It’s been a loooong time for Feature Friday so here it is, guys!!!!!  I welcome you to Leafy Blend Café where you can have Misamis Occidental healthy food, healthy surroundings and healthy people all in one place!  Oh, I’m such a sucker for everything healthy despite my addiction to junk foods.  It’s how I could balance all the bad stuff I put inside my body.  Detox after detox, I’m still a work in progress so as soon as I heard about Ruben serving healthy snacks and drinks, I zoomed into his place ASAP for Misamis Occidental healthy food

Ruben was my student way, way back in senior high school and he is now currently in college majoring in business administration.  During the lockdown last year, he began collecting house plants (as most of us did) and did his DIY construction for plant stands.  Out of passion, he designed his house interiors particularly his bedroom and workplace for online classes with air purifier plants.  As he posted his green ambiance at home on social media, that was when the fuss started.  People started to ask and wanted to purchase plants and plant stands from him.  So from ordinary plants to posh plants, he became one of Ozamiz’ top suppliers for “celebrity” plants ranging from a thousand to five thousand pesos.  From there and after a year of saving and penny-pinching, he purchased his barista-quality coffee machine to open his dream café of Misamis Occidental healthy food!

boy standing with his posh plants in white pots and Misamis Occidental healthy food

So from Green Forest Space, he is now more than happy to serve the public with Leafy Blend Café which offers home-brewed coffee, healthy shakes, juices and Misamis Occidental healthy food snacks!  Do check out his menu below which is quite still limited at this moment but definitely worth the visit at Bernad Subdivision!  Today, you may visit them at their food stall at Asenso Ozamiz Wellness Park.  To know more tourist spots in Misamis Occidental, click here.

coffee, cucumber juice, and carrot juice for Misamis Occidental healthy food
Hot and Cold Coffee, Vegetable and Fruit Shakes
boy serving Misamis Occidental healthy food
Camote Fries, Aglio e Olio Seafood Pasta and Fruit & Veggie Salad in Avocado Dressing

Now, what are you waiting for?  In his limited space, he can set a table for one, two or four people for you!  Please do reserve your seat in advance at 09770713119 for you to be accommodated and get that Misamis Occidental healthy food you’ve been craving for!  Want to know other eating places in Misamis Occidental?  Head on to the List of Restaurants in Misamis Occidental

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girl sitting in cafe serving Misamis Occidental healthy food

Watch our hilarious vlog with Ruben featuring the senior high school heartthrobs circa 2018 of La Salle Ozamiz! 

Disclaimer:  All views and opinions are my own and for fun only!
*Photos of Lycée Heartthrobs Circa 2018 are Grabbed from their FB Pages

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