Barkadahan Grill

If you are in for cowboy-eating that’s swak to the budget in Cagayan de Oro City, then Barkadahan Grill is definitely for you!  From the word itself barkada, it means a gang or group of friends.  So if you are treating a big pack, better head to this place for more eats and less expense.

The place is spacious and orders come immediately which is a commendation for people who are already hungry and want to devour food right then and there.  They have grilled chicken, pork, and fish as well as other Filipino dishes like crispy pata, pancit canton, fresh lumpia, etc.  It’s just like any other restaurant situated in a mall (it’s in Ayala Centrio, by the way) but you’ll enjoy their unli rice and homey ambiance.

So if ever you visit CDO and suddenly become one hungry Juan on a tight budget, crash into Barkadahan Grill and you’ll surely have a comfort meal to ease you down!


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