Hong Kong Ocean Park II

As promised yesterday in this blog post, I am now taking you to Hong Kong Ocean Park’s The Summit.  In getting to the top, there are two modes of transportation which are by the use of Cable Cars or through theOcean Express.  Unlike Ngong Ping’s, Ocean Park’s cable cars are relatively small but the cabins are built with cute colors and marine designs.  But if you’re afraid to take the cable cars, there’s also the Ocean Express which looks like a submersible vehicle.  This train offers a vivid experience that simulates a voyage through the depths of the ocean.  It really feels like you’re inside a submarine for a very short period of 3 minutes only!

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Thrill Mountain

Upon disembarkation at The Summit, this frenzied area welcomes you!  This is the best and biggest fair I’ve ever seen my whole life!  White knuckle rides such as The Flash, Whirly Bird, Bumper Blasters, Rev Booster, and the death-defying Hair Raiser are there.  Your adrenaline would definitely rush as well as your effin’ blood!  Aside from these rides, rows of carnival games in the challenge zone are also waiting for you to try your luck with.  Incredible prizes are at stake that your bet to the games would be very worth it!

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Polar Adventure

You can enjoy a “frozen” experience in this frosty area.  In here I can say that this made me ultimately happy in Hong Kong Ocean Park!  For I had seen live dancing, strutting, and swimming of the Happy Feet!!!  The South Pole Spectacular really blew me away so better watch this very short video here.  Dolphins may be my favorite sea creatures in the world but after seeing these land-and-sea creatures, I had now become their number one fan!  On the other hand, the North Pole Encounter offers a different set of creatures.  Sea lions are living peacefully in this area’s spacious icy waters.  They also entertain guests with their graceful glides and cutie cute cute snouts.

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Yes, there is also this area which is far-out from the “ocean” thingy.  In here you can see the world’s smallest monkeys and the world’s largest toucan and rodent.  But what is being visited here is the high-powered waters of The Rapids.  You can get soakingly wet in this ride!  We didn’t try it for it was already so cold and we couldn’t afford to get any colder at all.

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Pacific Pier

This houses the Ocean Theatre which holds the grand show (aside from Symbio!) entitled Ocean Wonders of Hong Kong Ocean Park.  And as mentioned reiteratingly above, the bad weather cancelled the show for the whole day when we were there.  So if you want to visit the place, also pray for a good weather which I think seldom happens to the park since it is at a high altitude.

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Adventure Land

Down the Pacific Pier is this area of Mine Train, Raging River, and Space Wheel.  For only these three rides, we didn’t bother in getting down any further.  My goodness gracious, you still have to walk a very long distance and traverse into three very long, steep, and tall escalators!  So we just took a peek at it after landing from the first escalator.

ocean park hong kong17

Marine World

We were super jaded that we didn’t think of going to this area anymore.  More rides are here like Flying Swing, Ferris Wheel, The Dragon, Crazy Galleon, and Eagle.  I just took a photo of it from the Pacific Pier and wasn’t even enthralled into going down.  For if we still did, we won’t have the energy to go back to the main entrance for exit anymore (there’s only one gate for entrance and exit in Hong Kong Ocean Park).  But if there’s an exit here, we would definitely see it to make our one-day ticket more worth it.

hongkong ocean park

So that ends our Hong Kong Ocean Park adventure!  When we were going home, I told myself never to go back to this place anymore.  It was so far from the city and so tiring plus too cold to walk around to.  But as I’m watching our pics and the guide map now, I realize that we still have plenty of attractions which we missed to see and experience.  If it wasn’t for the bad weather, maybe we had toured the entire park and experience just one extreme ride.  But anyway, at least we made it there that made our Hong Kong experience complete!

If you wish to visit Hong Kong Ocean Park, do take these tips for a fun-filled day at the park:

  1. Check the weather condition before going to the park. It is really too cold since it is located at what I call as “mountain ranges”. Shows are also cancelled due to bad weather which can make your visit frustrating.
  1. Bring brellies and raincoats for I doubt that good weather will be permitted at all times. I think that it is really misty out there.
  1. Wear comfy shoes. You will be spending the entire day walking and walking and walking at very long distances. Attractions are scattered and too far from each other.  If I will compare it here, it’s like going to Hoyohoy then to Guimad and to Gala.  Mind you, it is not just hills in Hong Kong Ocean Park that you’re gonna stroll to.  These are mountains!
  1. Enter all portals to all attractions, theater shows, and rides for these are already included in admission.  Make the most out of your time in Hong Kong Ocean Park!
  1. When in Hong Kong, stay at Oi Suen Guesthouseand buy your Hong Kong Ocean Park tickets there at a discounted price!  For more information about Oi Suen, visit their website here.ocean park hong kong18
    You can get closer to the animals at Hong Kong Ocean Park!  Visit their website here for more information on this theme park of endless attractions!

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