Tested in 2016!

Since I desired to be anointed to be a blessing in 2016 as I’ve written here, I indeed came to know my life’s mission through Isaiah 61:1-2.  This passage had been given to me by God last 2015 and the confirmation of His word that this is really my mission was being manifested on May 2016.  By then, I accepted this, said “yes” to His will, and we couldn’t really tell if we’d obeyed His command or not unless tests come to check our hearts.  So in 2016, I was tested big time in my faith!

But prior to this, I was given some warm-up already as early as January 2016 when I accepted my destiny and that is to become a teacher.  As I’ve explained here, I fell for teaching without a fight!  So I went on especially when I accepted it as my mission because of my motherly love for my students too.  In my story here, I considered teaching not only as mentoring but also as mothering.  So I continued in heeding my calling until tests came which put me at my lowest in 2016.

Test # 1  I was assigned in senior high school

teachers day
My Neglected Advisory Class

Forgive me for not being a very good adviser to you, ABM Block 3 of SB 309.  I was really immature for not accepting my duty as an adviser wholeheartedly.

Test # 2  I was humiliated by a 16-year old student in front of a big class

Of course, I ain’t got any picture of this for who would want this to be documented?  But I did document this through my written complaint filed in the Office of the Prefect of Discipline which ended up unresolved.  Oh, that was just a very hurtful case of a poor teacher against a powerful student!  Tsk tsk tsk……  I could’ve taken a photo of that piece of paper that had gone to waste though….. Hay…..

Test # 3  I was balled back and forth for my thesis

#ThesisNotThesising was my drama since I enrolled Thesis Writing 1 last January 2016.  Revisions after revisions, I did my best but my best wasn’t good enough.  Yeah, I already cried over this last December and I swore not to cry anymore but my attention was called last Friday by our HR.  He said that I should finish my thesis because that is a requirement or else I will not be rehired.  Grace period is only until June of this year and my teaching career will be done.  Just when I accepted this teaching fate, God also pm-ed me twice that this is my year of jubilee!  In Jeremiah 34:14 and Leviticus 25:8-10, He’s giving me the freedom to choose whether to pursue teaching or not.  My 7th year of teaching is about to end and He’s releasing me from this captivity!  I never thought God would be so generous to allow me to do this.  Yes, I am subject to His will but He also gives me freewill.  This time, it’s not Him to blame if I’ve become what I never wanted.  I can choose whatever I want to become so Lord, please guide me on what decision to make.  Thank you for giving me a way out yet, let it still be Your will be done.  Please help me to take risks though.  In Jesus’ mighty name.  Amen.

So those were my major tests in 2016!  Some of you may see these as shallow problems but these really got me beyond my tolerance.  These have been hitting me below my belt!  However, I learned the value of working wholeheartedly and with everything I do, I should continue to pray and do all my actions for the love of God!

And as for my 2016 goals,

3 New Countries

Not bad ‘coz I got two checked!  Thailand with my family was awesome and Cambodia with my friends was just so perf!  Aside from travels abroad, we also had local travels and I didn’t include travel in my 2017 goals anymore.  I couldn’t keep up in making blog posts for my travels already.  They always end up to be late posts so I have to finish posting first before planning my next travel adventure!

asia tour
Thailand (March 2016) and Cambodia (June 2016)

Finish a Best-Selling Book
✘Wattpad Story

This is very bad because everything’s left undone!

Reconnect with a Friend
Anna Bilaoen Hilot

I was always thinking of who would this be.  Now I am doing DGroup (Discipleship Group) with her through CCF (Christ’s Commision Fellowship).  I am very grateful to have found new sisters in Christ like Jessa, Chloe, Mabelle, and of course, with the leadership of Ate Maribelle.  I have been avoiding to be connected with cell groups again but God always reminds me that I cannot be on my own.  As a follower of Christ, I need my brethren to grow up with.  So thanks to Pen2x for being an instrument who also surprisingly became my accountability partner!  Along with the others, thank you so much sissies for being my lifeline for 2016! 🙂

CCF Ozamiz
CCF Ozamiz Christmas Party 2016

Lovelife if God-Willing

This is because, I am still very picky!  Hehehe…..  But in truth, I am still waiting, waiting, and waiting as I’m saving my first kiss.  🙂

Half of 2016 goals were achieved and half weren’t.  But there were things unplanned which came as surprises!
Created a new website
✔Got blogging invites
✔Had new friendships

blogger dreamFeeling Journalist with Kulas, Mr. Al Nano, and Miss Thata Roxas

Thank you so much, Jollibee Molave, Jollibee Oroquieta, and Vine Café Molave for making me a part of your 2016 ad campaign journey!

And still
✔Living by the will of God

Thank you, Lord for the tests I had gone through in 2016 which made me into a better and not bitter individual!  I may have failed most of the tests but I will really do my best not to waver in my faith next time.  Thank you, 2016 and let’s get it on, 2017! 🙂

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