Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is the highest mountain in Hong Kong which is standing tall at 552 meters above sea level.  It has been simply called as “The Peak” ever since it was used as a signaling post during Hong Kong’s early days.  In those days, people found it as a perfect place to go, to escape from the city’s scorching heat during summers.  So among the wealthy people started to build their summer rest houses there just like Baguio and Tagaytay here in the Philippines.  And that made The Peak an exclusive residential area reserved for only a few rich and privileged ones.

Victoria Peak

Summit of Victoria Peak (
However, visitors are also welcome to experience the nippy atmosphere at The Peak.  With this, it has become a must-see destination and a symbol of Hong Kong’s rich history.  That’s the reason why The Peak Tram Historical Gallery exhibits memorabilia of the city’s past.  Thus, visitors can have a glimpse of how the “Pearl of the Orient” has come to shine.  (not to be confused with “Pearl of the Orient Seas” which is our very own country, Philippines)

the peak
In getting to The Peak, wealthy residents from long ago were carried by sedan chairs which were bamboo chairs being carried by two coolies.  But nowadays, The Peak Tram is now used as the mode of transportation which is one of the world’s oldest and most famous funicular railways.  The ride is so steep that the buildings look like like they’re leaning against you.  It is a very unique experience for me as the tram inclined to a gradient of about 5 to 30 degrees.  Talagang nakakalula for an acrophobic like me (who by now had slowly conquered heights)!

the peak1
Then the tram took us to the most stylish architectural icon and landmark in Hong Kong, The Peak Tower.  This spectacular tower houses an array of restos, shops, and entertainment centers.  In here I found the longest-traversing escalators that I avoided my eyes to look down for me not to get petrified of the great height I was in.

the peak towerthe peak2
But the journey was all so worth it when we reached the rooftop of The Peak Tower which is the Sky Terrace 428.  This is by far the highest viewing terrace in Hong Kong that offers stunning 360-degree panoramic views across Hong Kong.  When we arrived, we were lent with a mini-tab and headset for a multimedia guide to Hong Kong’s land and seascape as well as a bit of its history.

the peak3
However, it was so foggy when we arrived at the terrace.  Our peak visit was not that worthwhile for we were not able to see the whole Hong Kong vista.  This is just what we came to see:

the peak4
So as a tip for you my dear blog readers, check the weather first before coming to The Peak.  Due to this, pa-picture nalang ang peg ng mga artista.  Ay, turista pala!

the peak5
Meanwhile, another highlight of The Peak is the “Say I Love You at The Peak” Wishing Corner.  You can express your love to someone on a wishing card and hang it on a giant heart.  Only Papa wrote his love note to Papa God or Mama perhaps.  Hmmm, I wonder what it was.  Sorry, we were not able to take a peek at it.

the peak6
Finally, at the tower’s exit is the Hong Kong Tourism Board Visitor Centre which features this vintage peak tram.  This tram was in service from 1959 to 1989 and has been refurbished to serve visitors at The Peak Piazza.

the peak7

Now if you wish to visit Victoria Peak, stay at Oi Suen Guesthouse when in Hong Kong and buy your The Peak Tram ride and  Sky Terrace 428 tickets at a discounted price!  For more information about Oi Suen, visit their website here.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum Hong Kong which was recently featured here is also located at P101, Level P1 of The Peak Tower.

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