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Done with the shopping? Now let’s move on to gift-wrapping! There are people who just take gift-wrapping for granted. Gift wraps would just be teared, crumpled, and trashed upon opening the gift anyway, so why bother? But there are also people who are meticulous with wrapping gifts. For who would not want beautifully wrapped presents under their Christmas tree, right? This would bring a more Christmasy feeling in the atmosphere!

In this regard, I invited a friend, Divine Grace “Irish” Ebale to help me with some gift-wrapping ideas.  She had experience in this field and she just has an eye for details.  The number one thing she shared to me was to be creative.  So, read on for her gift-wrapping ideas wherein we also made use of some recyclable materials in order to save good ol’ Mother Earth.

christmas gift-wrapping ideas


Irish’s Gift-Wrapping Idea #1  Cloth Gift Wrap

Scrap cloth, old scarves, and worn-out table cloth or picnic blankets can be used as gift wraps.  Just simply wrap your present with it and tie it into a knot then into a bow.  That’s just so easy and unique that your recipient would surely love!

Irish’s Gift-Wrapping Idea #1 Cloth Gift Wrap

Irish’s Gift-Wrapping Idea #2  Eco-Friendly Paper Gift Wrap

Old calendars, magazines, and newspapers can be used as gift wraps.  Never throw these stuffs away, learn the art of recycling ‘em!

Irish’s Gift-Wrapping Idea #2 Eco-Friendly Paper Gift Wrap

Irish’s Gift-Wrapping Idea #3  Kids’ Artwork Gift Wrap

The works of the kids are just so lovely to look at.  They resemble playfulness and innocence that whoever receives the gift wrapped with it would definitely have that big smile on his/her face!

Irish’s Gift-Wrapping Idea #3 Kids’ Artwork Gift Wrap

Thanks, Honey Grace for Your Special Participation!:)

Irish’s Gift-Wrapping Idea #4  Stamped Brown Paper Gift Wrap

Brown paper is made from recycled paper and it costs very low in the bookstore.  Had it stamped with the name of your recipient so you can have it personalized.  Take note, personalized gifts are much more appreciated for they symbolize your thoughtfulness!

brown paper

Irish’s Gift-Wrapping Idea #5  Japanese Paper Gift Wrap

Japanese paper is also cheap and convenient to use.  You can have it in plain blue, plain red, or plain green colors.  So if you want to emphasize the ribbons and other decors you’re accenting your gift with, use Japanese paper for this would not go against with ‘em.

Irish’s Gift-Wrapping Idea

Irish’s Gift-Wrapping Idea #6  Boxes and Yarns

If the box of your gift is already presentable enough, just tie colorful yarns around it.  That’s just no fuss at all!

gift wrap

Irish’s Gift-Wrapping Idea #7  Miniature Plants and Ribbons

If you wish to give a plant, see to it that it is a bonsai.  Then just tie ribbons around its stems and the pot.  It’s respectful not to give it bare!


Irish’s Gift-Wrapping Idea #8  Broken Accessories

Got a pine leaf fallen from your Christmas tree?  Don’t throw it!  Use it.  I know you’ve also got a lot of other broken things in your accessories box – broken fashion bracelets, earrings without pair, buttons, etc.  Use them to accentuate your presents!

gift wrapping

Irish’s Gift-Wrapping Idea #9  Modern Gift Wrap

If you ran out of the above-listed recyclable materials, modern gift wraps always come in handy.  Just put some ribbons around it for gifts without ribbons are lifeless!

modern gift wrap

These are only a few gift-wrapping ideas.  Do take time and effort to give your loved ones more of your lovin’ this Christmas season by giving them beautifully wrapped presents.  But if in case you don’t have time and don’t want any hassle, just drop by at Fascino Boutique!  We offer Kris Kringle Gift Packs wherein you can choose from a variety of Fascino products to include in your pack.  Prices start at P89!  So, grab one now and have a stress-free happy Christmas!

fascino gift pack

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