Canada’s Wonderland

When I thought to myself I can only study and work part-time for three years here in Canada (‘coz I can’t afford to go to places yet), God gives me surprises to indeed go to tourist destinations in this wonderful country!  I was so lucky to have visited the majestic Niagara Falls on my first day out after quarantine with Tito Tonette and Tita Lorna, gone to Downtown Toronto on my first weekend out with Jef and Cheng, and  enjoyed my first Halloween Haunt at Canada’s Wonderland with Glenda and Yassi!  Oh, how rich fortunate soul I am!  (In contrast to Ursula’s “poor unfortunate soul” song of The Little Mermaid)

One morning Glenda surprisingly messaged me if I’m free on a Saturday because she’s taking her very pretty daughter, Yassi out for Halloween Haunt at Canada’s Wonderland.  I abruptly said yes because that is such a great blessing to have been invited for a fun day out.  So I was so excited that week looking forward to spend a wonderful time with Glenda and Yassi.

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We arrived at Canada’s Wonderland in Vaughan which is only an 18-minute drive from our place just in time before the crowd started to pack.  Yassi was super excited for trick or treats and we were also blessed with a fine weather that day.  Upon entering the parking lot of Canada’s Wonderland, you can hear the shrieks, screams, and squeals of the people taking adventure on the death-defying rides.  I am never fond of such thrill rides because I am acrophobic and just by looking at the rides makes my stomach churn.  Aside from the aggressive and high thrill rides, there are other attractions Canada’s Wonderland has to offer and here they are:

International Festival

T’was the Pumpkin Season

International Street

Just Like in Movies

Medieval Faire

Just Like Being in King Arthur’s Time


Yassi Never Got Scared of the Moomoo’s

Planet Snoopy

Yassi Getting Excited for our Version of Thrill Ride

The Pumpkin Patch

Twirling Up and Down

T’was indeed a fun, fun day with Glenda and Yassi!  Now I just realized that we don’t have photos with Glenda together.  Haha!  Let’s have our photos taken for next time, Glen ‘coz surely we’re gonna go back when the weather is nice and warm again.  I’m really looking forward for spring and I’m planning ahead my outfit with!  They have their clearance sale now so better check ’em out here!

Thank you so much, Lord for blessing people to bless me since day 1 of getting here in Canada!  For more about Canada’s Wonderland, watch our vlog below!

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Be spring ready!  Plan ahead your outfit by clicking the link below!


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