Reunited with My Medinians

I’m so happy today to have bonded with my Medina students again!  We went on a road trip to Mahayag to eat Mon’s famous halo-halo!  This time, I loved their halo-halo even better ‘coz it now includes sun-ripened mangoes!  The mangoes are so sweet, a sign of a good start of the season’s bountiful harvest.  For a full account of my halo-halo experience at Mon’s Grill, you may click here! 🙂

Thanks, Efie for the Ride and the Treat! 🙂

After doing our business at Mahayag, we drove back to Bonifacio for Pring2x’s (oooppss, she’s now a lady) Frency’s thanksgiving celebration!  Yehey!!!  We have another registered pharmacist!  I am so proud every time I hear of my students’ successes because their success is always and will always be also my success!

Frency Mirabiles, RPh

Thank you so much, guys for a Sunday well-spent!  Though we rarely see each other, you’re still in my heart and in my thoughts!  I will always be your Miss Mae no matter how old you’ll get!  You’re turning older while I’m turning younger.  Hehe!!!  All the best to all of you as you face new challenges in life!  I love you! 🙂

Credits to Efie for the Photos
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