My 12 Days of Christmas

As I was thinking of a story to tell about Christmas, what came into my mind was Simbang Gabi.  It is a nine-day novena to the Blessed Mary that begins on December 16 as early as 4 AM and culminates with the Misa de Gallo on Christmas Eve to welcome the birth of Jesus.  I wanted to go through this tradition so I could write a journal on account of my everyday Simbang Gabi experience.  But being a born-again Christian, I doubt my parents would allow me.  So I thought of another tradition to do for Christmas.

When I was a kid, I was fond of singing 12 Days of Christmas.  I memorized it like my ABC’s.  Eventhough I didn’t understand the other words of the song, I sang it wholeheartedly wishing that when I grow up, I could also receive those gifts from my true love.  Sad to say that until now, I haven’t received such gifts yet because as I was always telling you, I’ve never been courted since birth.  So, I decided to send gifts to myself everyday starting from the 12th day before Christmas since nobody loves me but ME, MYSELF, and I!

12 days before Christmas, my true love sent to me – 12 pan de sals! 🙂

I love bread especially pan de sal!  It’s very yummy that you can have it even withoutpalaman.

pan de sal

11 days before Christmas, my true love sent to me – 11 post-it notes! 🙂

This was inspired from the movie, My Amnesia Girl.  I haven’t experienced receiving love letters so I wrote the love letter myself!  But the words came from my students when they gave me letters upon leaving them.  Hence, I considered they were my sweethearts.

post-it love notes

10 days before Christmas, my true love sent to me – 10 twinkling stars! 🙂

Somebody told me that counting 10 stars for 10 consecutive nights would make me dream about heaven.  I believed him/her (I forgot who he/she was) just as I believed my mom that there’s a Santa Claus.  I religiously did this when I was little but never did I dream about heaven (maybe if I do so, I’m probably dead).  Now that I’m matured, I automatically count 10 stars everytime I look up the sky at night.  I just don’t know why.  It just became part of my system.


9 days before Christmas, my true love sent to me – 9 mini cookies! 🙂

These were supposedly 9 Cloud 9’s because these were my favorite chocolates when I was again, a child.  But I haven’t gone outside the house that day because of the heavy flood that happened in our city.  So I just picked whatever that was available in our pantry as substitute.  Anyway, the cookies were also chocolate.

mini cookies

8 days before Christmas, my true love sent to me – 8 cake slices! 🙂

This was supposedly 8 pizza slices because I truly love pizza since birth!  But I didn’t have time to buy pizza or had it delivered so I had the custard cake just like in 9 days before Christmas.

custard cake

7 days before Christmas, my true love sent to me – 7 oh my siomais! 🙂

Siomais are just my favorite!  I love its juiciness, meatiness, and oh that chili garlic sauce!  I always had these tiny pleasures everytime I walked store from school when I was still working at MUHS.

master siomai

6 days before Christmas, my true love sent to me – 6 packs of candies! 🙂

When I was littler, I always asked for piso and ran immediately to the sari-sari store to buy candies!  I always pampered my sweet tooth then.

candies and chocolates

5 days before Christmas, my true love sent to me – 5 banana cake slices! 🙂

Banana cake for me is the most native Filipino cake and the cheapest ever!  I love it and this was always my merienda when I had my OJT at Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation.

banana cake

4 days before Christmas, my true love sent to me – 4 seasons juice! 🙂

Pineapple, mango, orange, and guava combined!  Who would say no to this delight?  I order this in restos when there’s no iced tea available.

del monte juice

3 days before Christmas, my true love sent to me – 3 mini bouquets of flowers! 🙂

I never received flowers from suitors.  So, I picked myself some!


2 days before Christmas, my true love sent to me – 2 large fries! 🙂

French fries are a hit for me!  I could spend the whole time just munching fries at McDo!

mcdo fries

1 day before Christmas, my true love sent to me – 1 fried ice cream!:)

When I was a kid, I always went to Gaizano with my mom just to have a scoop of ice cream.  With this new invention, it shouldn’t be missed out.  I tried it and had my teeth burst because of its extreme coldness.  It was an awesome experience that cracked my head!

fried ice cream

Then my 12 days of Christmas were through.  I successfully did a unique personal Christmas tradition hoping that next year, it would be a real true love sending 12 gifts for Christmas to me!:)

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