Misamis Occidental Seafood at Yammy’s Seafood Grill

Misamis Occidental seafood at Yammy's

Up for Misamis Occidental seafood?  Yammy’s Seafood Grill has been here in Ozamiz for quite some time now and it was only last month that we got to visit the place.  Since it was December, we had enough of lechon and other pork dishes from parties here, there, and everywhere.  So to get rid of the over satiated taste and the cholesterol, we longed for seafood and tried Yammy’s!

The first time we hit the place was before doing our groceries for our family reunion gift-giving.  As a Misamis Occidental seafood and tinola-lover, Papa ordered the fish kitong which was really really good!  The fish was so fresh and I rank this next to the tinola we fell in love with at The Original AA BBQ in Cebu.  We also ordered sizzling mixed seafood and sizzling squid which have almost the same flavor and tasted super yummylicious!  In fact and in truth, we ordered three extra cups of rice just for this lunch which is already a kalabisan in our case and it was the first time that my tummy went really full despite of all the parties I’ve been to.  So with this, we had the energy to get on to our mission for the day!

Misamis Occidental seafood delight

Since we were satisfied with our first visit, we came back for more, bringing the whole troop for Misamis Occidental seafood!  This time, we already hinted to order unlimited rice for we already know that mapapasubo ulit kami sa sarap!  Ella came next to Papa in her love for tinola but it is the chicken tinola she loves most.  Yammy’s also serve native chickentinola and I really wonder how they make the bisayang manok so tender.  It is even more tender thanAlnetivs’ bisayang manok inasal in Pagadian.

Aside from the tinola, Ep2x ordered her fave sinigang na hipon which was asimkilig or was it only Jezreel who made her kilig?  I wonder!  Haha!  Anyway, what I loved best in our table was the seafood bicol express!!!!!  Oh, how I truly miss Albay!  I’ve always loved gata, sili, and when combined, it is just super dooper perfect!  Yammy’s seafood bicol express is not that hot and spicy for me so anyone who’s not a fan of anything spicy, this is just right for your “hotness” level.  Hehe…..  And oops, for the calamares, Mama loved it all the way!  You gotta try all of these Misamis Occidental seafood!  For more seafood restos in the province, click here.

Sinigang na Hipon and Fish Tinola Misamis Occidental seafood
Sinigang na Hipon and Fish Tinola
Sizzling Mixed Seafood and Sizzling Squid Misamis Occidental seafood
Sizzling Mixed Seafood and Sizzling Squid
Calamares and Seafood Bicol Express Misamis Occidental seafood
Calamares and Seafood Bicol Express
Native Chicken Tinola and Sizzling Mixed Seafood Platter
Native Chicken Tinola and Sizzling Mixed Seafood Platter

Then we were not dismayed!  Our seafood craving was satisfied to the max!  The secret to yummylicious seafood is to cook it fresh and Yammy’s didn’t fail ‘coz they really do cook it fresh!  With that, it’s gonna be more than a two thumbs-up for Yammy’s Seafood Grill!  Visit, visit, visit them now at Gaizano Southwing, Ozamiz City!  They also have merienda sets of lomi + sliced bread, pancit canton + sliced bread, and bihon guisado + sliced bread that is so affordable good for 4-5 persons.  So come and enjoy Yammy’s yammynamnam Misamis Occidental seafood dishes!

yammy's ozamiz1 (1)
yammy's ozamiz5

Thank you to the very kind staff of Yammy’s Seafood Grill!  We really enjoyed our lunches here and many more lunches to come!  🙂  #tosomeats #tosomendorses

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