Whimsical Wednesday: Kimbap 101

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Preparing food doesn’t only require the skill of making food tasty but it also requires the skill of making food presentable.  Japanese are known for their special food presentation as evidenced by their bento and sushi get-ups.  Sushi is made up of raw seafood (usually fish), choice of vegetables and tropical fruits in between vinegared rice.  This should not be confused with maki ‘coz maki is still sushi in itself but wrapped and rolled in nori, a toasted seaweed sheet.  So sushi can have various shapes while maki only has a cylindrical shape that can be cut into bite-sized circles.  Now what’s this in relation to kimbap?

Kimbap is also another sushi, the version of the Koreans.  When Korea got her independence from Japan, the country also freed herself from Japan’s influence.  So Koreans renamed sushi into kimbap and used sesame oil for the sticky rice instead of vinegar.  This time, they also revised and used other fillings for their kimbap like egg and ham.  As sushi is staple to the Japanese so as kimbap is to the Koreans.  And we were so happy last month when Ate Belle of CCF invited us over for Kimbap 101 at her place!

The ingredients we used were rice cooked in sesame oil, strips of carrots, crab sticks, scrambled egg, and ripe mangoes for that tangy taste!  First, we flattened rice on top of the nori, put the filling at the center, roll into a cylinder using the makisu or bamboo mat, and cut into thin circles.  That’s how easy it is but you have to roll tightly so your kimbap will not disintegrate by the time of cutting it.

My apologies for not taking step by step photos of our tutorial.  My phone was dead at that time and I didn’t mind at all ‘coz we all had fun during the process.  So I just enjoyed the moment of making my own kimbap as well as the rare occasion of preparing food with my CCF ladies.  Skilled in the kitchen or not, one could really get the hang of rolling kimbap ‘coz it is no sweat at all!  Just see each of our work below.  Looks like professional, huh?

What a kimbap kind of night we had!  Our kimbap was made even more sumptuous with the wasabi-soy sauce dipping prepared by sis Kath.  Thanks also sis for bringing in the wine that made our girl talk longer!  And thank you so much Ate Belle for letting us experience on how to make our very own kimbap!  The last time I prepared maki with my uncle in Lipa was already ages ago!

Photos are grabbed from Chloe, Lovely, Mabelle, and Kath.  Credits to baby Czarine and Eljohn for taking ’em! 🙂 Continue to drop by The Other Side of Mae where preparing food becomes an art! #tosomeats

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