Officially, Love Month!

As if I have a story to tell.  Do I have the right to talk about love?  I’ll just be laughed at.  Because until now, I’m NBSB (see Home – My 12 Days of Christmas)!  I’m the only one left for the love trip.  All my friends had gone out and found their one true love already.  Who could be mine?

love month

But being an NBSB doesn’t mean that I hadn’t loved at all.  Maybe I have a little something to share.  Maybe I have a love story to contribute.  As what I did in my September 2011 blog posts, yes I did have a love story!  It may just sound childishly pathetic but it was for real.

And if you had read ‘em, you may think not to read these February blog posts anymore.  But who knows, you’ll be surprised!  Who knows, you’re gonna get to ponder.  Because this time, it is amazingly different!  As everybody is watching out for my upcoming love story, have this for the meantime.  For falling and being in love doesn’t have to be official…..

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