Double Three

Blew 3 cakes for my 33rd birthday. Yes, double three! It’s funny how people always argue with me for that especially my students ‘coz some of them already look older than me. Hehe…. Well, this is just me. Young in mind and young at heart. But looks can be deceiving ‘coz I’ve become fiercer inside. Battered by the waves yet still standing firm. Rejected by circumstances yet still trying to be hopeful. The only difference? I, now know what my priorities are. Which dreams are to be let go without regrets and which are still worth chasing. To stop yearning for things I cannot have and to be grateful with what I already have. Living my life in circles with whimsical mood swings, I am now ripe for new adventures and future discoveries. After all, then and again, age is only and just a number! xoxo Mae ❤️

birthday celebration cake

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