Whimsical Wednesday: Oh, My Foodness!

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Food – material consisting essentially of protein, carbohydrate, and fat used in the body of an organism to sustain growth, repair, and vital processes and to furnish energy
– Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Food is man’s most basic need.  Man can still survive without clothing.  Man can still survive without shelter.  But man can never survive without food.  Man can not do without eating.  It is food that makes him live.

Food from long ago is just simple.  If something is seen eatable, our ancestors tried to eat one and test whether it can poison them or not.  As long as that something can fill their stomach, they didn’t mind whatever it is until they had come to know the nutrients they got from it.

Then they started to classify food according to what is inside it (the nutrients, that is).  They began to get conscious on what they could get out from food and eventually discovered some healing wonders from it.  And as the world evolved, food also evolved.  Food is cooked, being mixed together with another kind, and being added with condiments.  Eventually, food varied from culture to culture, from kin to kin, and from country to country.

Nowadays, food has become an art with creative garnish and exquisite presentation.  From the primitive outlook of food which is just to ease hunger, food has now become a star!  Photos of good-looking food are all over social media.  People has become fanatic drooling over food.  And I am not an exemption of these so-called “foodies”.  But aside from food’s delectable appearance, I go for the thrill of the taste.

With that, I’m not the kind to hastily eat.  I smell the food’s aroma, take a small bite of it, chew slowly, savor its taste, try to uncover its ingredients, and let the tinge of that food melt in my mouth.  I can’t say that I’m adventurous with food.  I can’t say that I’m also a connoisseur.  But whenever I’m in a place, I put effort in asking where the good food is and then go eat it.  And from our previous family trip abroad, here are just some of the food we were eating.

From authentic Hong Kong cuisine,

to pastries,

to fast food,

mcdo hongkongsubway hongkongkfc hongkonghongkongfood2 (1)
then down to street food.

streetfood hongkonghongkong street foodhongkongfood4

Though I considered these food “unreal” from this post here, these food made me experience more of the placeinstead.  Because you have not been to a certain place if you haven’t eaten the food in that place.  So “If it looks good, eat it!” – Andrew Zimmerman of Bizarre Food (TLC)

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