How My 2013 Was

Hooray!  And it’s 2014!  Every first or second or third or fourth or fifth day of January, I see to it to have my year in review.  I look back who I made friends with, what I did, where I went, and how I was doing for the previous year.  And this always starts with Welcoming New Years!  As a continuation to that blog entry, here goes how our family and family friends welcomed 2013 and 2014 in our very own home!

And 2013 jump-started with my last blast in Misamis Union High School as a Math Challenge coach!  Yeah, right!  I became a math coach during my last year in MUHS.  I know it’s beyond your imagination and it is mine, too!  I never imagined to become a coach in mathematics especially to math wizard students.  Though I’m not that good in math, I thank God for giving me such genius students whom I so miss dearly.

With Fellow Coach Reloufe Balucan, 2nd Year 2nd Placers Star Lim and Jeremy Hans Lagura, and 1st Year 3rd Placers Eri Yamashita and Charrizel Baluyos

After leaving MUHS, Medina College still had me as their chemistry instructor for their Pharmacy and Medical Technology students.  So I spent whole summer teaching Biochemistry in Medina Hospital and doing labs in Maningcol campus.  But with the students I had, it was just fun hanging out in there!

My Second Courser Students

Then the very big and awesome surprise came!  I got into working with La Salle University – Ozamiz!!!  I was super happy to be getting into La Salle!  Well it’s never in my dream to be back to my Alma Mater to work but being in La Salle is a reward to me!  I had worked hard in my previous schools but only in La Salle that I had encountered growth!  I am now surrounded with people who are better and smarter than me!  So I have to work my ass off in order to keep up and that’s what I find challenging!

As you might notice, my year 2013 is more on my academic career.  Unlike last 2012 when I got plenty of travels.  Where I’ve been in 2013 were only my frequently visited places as Cebu, Iloilo, and Dapitan.  But as I’ve said, every visit to such places entitles me to get new and exciting experiences which make that certain visit unique in its own way!

Sinulog at Cebu with Cousins, Birthday Brunch at Iloilo with Friends, Field Trip at Dapitan with Students

Though I am not the LO President of JCI-Ozamis Red Rose this year anymore, the kawang-gawa continues.  I don’t know but it just keeps my blood boiling to reach out and to help!

Packing for Yolanda Survivors, Feeding at Montol, Concert for Yolanda Survivors

Business-wise, my baby Fascino got her victory after the negativity issue!  I super dooper thank God for keeping my Fascino to stand despite the dwindling situation by the first quarter of the year!  Thank God for the balloons and party needs that saved us!

Fascino Parties in 2013

Finally, my 2013 ended with a very big lesson!  A lesson on WAITING…..  This story is a bit personal that I ought not to write in here but I’m gonna share it to you one day if it really is the will of God.

So that ends my 2013.  Every year for me has its ups and downs, twists and turns, and joys and sorrows.  I cannot conclude that this year is a bad one nor this year is a good one for the good and the bad always go hand in hand.  The important thing to watch closely is our reaction toward any situation that will come our way.  Maturity as I may call it, I’ve been doing away with making New Year’s resolutions.  So for 2014, I wanna live it carpe diem style! 🙂

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