Model “Daw”

Hahaha!!!  One of my students asked me early this morning, “Ma’am, were you a model before?”  Then I went all out funny to myself!  Of course I was not and I am not!  But I am trying to become one….  Nah!  It is just that, I am not camera shy and I am not ashamed of posting my photos publicly.  Is modeling like that to you?  If that is so, check this out and judge for yourself!

I am never picture-perfect and I am never the beaut to brag!  But this is all about self-confidence that I am freely expressing and exposing!  Hehe…. In any way, anyone can be a model and anyone can be whoever he/she feels to be!  Happy pictorial, guys! 🙂

Have Fun with Great Shots Only By Jerome Artworks

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