Typhoon 101

Today, super typhoon Yolanda hits the Philippines!  As a tropical country, we experience being hit by a very strong catastrophic typhoon every year.  As I can recall, 1995 Rosing, 2009 Ondoy, 2011 Sendong, and 2012Pablo are among the most devastating tropical cyclones  ever, that left a mark in my memory.  Fortunately for us Ozamisnons, we are being protected by Mt. Malindang.  And if you are not that skeptic, you may also believe that the Birhen of Cotta is protecting us.  But for me, I thank God for our strategic location in the map that we are always being spared from these disastrous typhoons!

Though Ozamis is not a typhoon zone, we also have to prepare for we never know what might happen.  It is better to be ready than feel sorry for later, right?  So here are some typhoon tips that may come in handy to you and your whole family:

Photo from Web
Photo from Web
Store enough food and drinking water.

As always, these are the basic commodities of man.  We cannot go out during heavy rains and strong winds and groceries and markets might be closed during the typhoon.  So we have to store food and drinking water that would last for at least three days.

Make sure your home is sturdy enough.

Lay out a very strong foundation for your homes to endure gusty winds and flash floods.  If you think your home is not that solid, evacuate to the nearest designated safe evacuation center in your locality.

Put off electric currents.

Usually, the local electric company cut offs power supply during typhoons.  But if they haven’t yet, just put off the power supply within your house by yourself to prevent electrical accidents.

Pack jackets, umbrellas, medicines, flash lights, and valuable things in a knapsack.

Always be ready of these things for we might have the need to flee.  Do not bring in a lot!  Just take note of the very important ones so your load will just be light.

Always monitor news updates.

Stay tuned in local networks so you will be updated of the storm’s whereabouts.  Social networking like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is also a big and faster help in spreading updates.  But if the power supply has been cut off, secure a battery-operated transistor radio so you won’t be having news blackout.

For people of Ozamis, LIKE Ozamis City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office on Facebook for you to be updated on typhoon news.  Not only typhoons, the agency also conducts disaster awareness seminars and training, fire and earthquake drills, and such.  As a friendly reminder, we ourselves are the ones responsible for our own safety.  So keep safe, Ozamis! 🙂

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