How to Monetize Your B/Vlog

Whether it is for personal or for business purposes, we want to express ourselves and share our experiences as well as inner thoughts on just about everything. Great thing we are living in this digital age wherein we are blessed with the web which offers an unlimited space for all our hullabaloos! Here are some insights and tips on how to jumpstart a blog or vlog and let the entire universe hear you! With a bonus of monetization tips for your blog or vlog from YouTuber Donya Balyena, scrolling down will surely be a gem! 🙂

Here are 4 reasons why you should start a blog and 6 ways on how to start a blog by Prof. Alter Hofileῆa, a Master of Fine Arts Major in Creative Writing graduate of Silliman University:

Why would you go to the trouble of blogging?

  • Share your story.
  • Recognition for yourself or your business.
  • Find a community.
  • Make money from home.

How to make a Blog?

1.Pick a blog name.
2. Get your blog online.
3. Customize your blog. 
4. Write and publish your first post.
5. Promote your blog.
6. Monetize your blog.

How to Monetize Your YT Channel by Donya Balyena:

1.Download YouTube Studio- for audience engagement and YouTube growth/income etc.
2. Create a YouTube channel/account
3. Register to Google AdSense (for monetization review)
4. Get the 1k subscribers and 4k hours watchviews

** once ma reach ang requirements automatically i review ni YouTube imong channel.

**You’ll get an email after 2 weeks or a month na approved na imo channel. Then dapat naa kay $100 sa imong channel para imong ma withdraw, if dili kaabot dili ma withdraw.

**Wait for a pin, it will be provided by Google once eligible naka to get your income sa YouTube, given nga $100 na imoa income.

Thank you so much Sir Alter and Donya Balyena for lending me your materials for this FB live webisode! For those who missed the live webcast, you may replay on YT in this link below! 🙂

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