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I don’t know if I’m already a certified “traveler” and I don’t know if I am worthy to be called as such but years of experience had me earned the title from my friends.  I’ve been traveling ever since the day that I don’t remember and I’ve been wandering back and forth.  As a kid, I was already dragged into places here, there, and everywhere and as an adult, I choose the places that I wanna go to at my own risk (and expense).  So, perhaps I now have the license to share with you some travel tips I had gathered ’round from my journeys here and abroad.

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#tosomtravels Tip No.1  Book Early

You can score great deals if you will book early for flights and accommodation.  There are web services that can do both like and  So far, these services are good as long as you are not a picky person.  And once you book for flight tickets, make sure to add-on extra luggage in going back home to make room for pasalubong baggage.

#tosomtravels Tip No.2  Search

Surf the internet for what to see, what to do, who to visit,and what to eat in your particular destination.  Never miss to see a certain tourist spot, to do the thing a place offers like ziplining, wakeboarding, etc., to visit a famous personality dead or alive, and to eatall food native in that place.  Always make your staycation a very sulit one!

#tosomtravels Tip No.3  Create an Itinerary

As an OC, I do plan trips with precise scheduling up to the last minute.  But once I get there, the schedule is never perfectly followed.  So, I’m learning how to stop this practice but I couldn’t help it.  Hehe….. In creating your itinerary, don’t be too idealistic.  You have to consider delays for we never know what might come our way.  Also consider serendipity for you also never know who you’re gonna bump into.  So for this tip, just start with the nearest “what to” in the preceding tip.

the art of packing light

#tosomtravels Tip No.4  Pack Light

Always, always, always pack light.  Do dress rehearsals at home while packing so you don’t have to bring all your wardrobe with you.  The burden is just too heavy, y’know.  When I was in high school, I always bring home with me plenty of clothes unsoiled that’s why I’ve learned.  Already decide your outfits from head to toe so you don’t have to change and change once you’re there (this also saves time).  And bring with you an extra foldable bag for the souvenirs and pasalubong so you can carry them conveniently in one holding.

#tosomtravels Tip No.5  Bring a Water Bottle

Yes, bringing water is a big no-no in airports so bring an empty bottle.  Why?  Water costs much in other countries than ours.  To a kuripot person like me, buying P20 mineral water here is already a pocket-ache.  How much more if it is P70-P120?  Now, that’s a lot of pocket-ache!  So I learned.  There are always safe drinking-water fountains in tourist attractions so you can refill anytime.  And that’s a whole lot of savings especially to an “always thirsty” like me.

#tosomtravels Tip No.6  Don’t Wear Belt and Shoes with Shoelaces in Airports

Security check in airports requires you to take off your belt and your shoes while your bags pass the X-ray machine.  That’s an effin’ hassle especially when you’re already in a hurry.  It takes time to unbelt and belt and untie and tie your shoelaces.  Plus, you have to look after your bags ‘coz it might be collected by other passengers.  (And God forbid, there are also some people who would insert “somethings” in your bag so you have to safeguard it.)  So for fuss-free security check, just simply wear slip-ons.

#tosomtravels Tip No.7  Learn the Basic Local Language

Learning a language can be tiresome but learning one or two words of the local language can do the works.  Just simply learn the basics for “Hi” and “Thank You”.  The locals surely appreciate it if you say “Ni Hao”, “Xie Xie”, “Xin Chao”, “Terima Kasih”, etc.  I guarantee you, that lights up their eyes! 😉

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#tosomtravels Tip No.8 Download Useful Travel Apps

Traveling is now made easy with the user-friendly travel apps that can be downloaded for free in your smartphone.  For more details, see my complete post about this here.

#tosomtravels Tip No.9  Capture Moments But Don’t Overdo It

As a blogger (I had earned this title from friends too and still don’t know if I’m already a certified one), I always make it a point tocapture everything I can in my journey.  However, there are times that I get pressured ‘coz I’m not one of those badass shutterbabes so I get stressed thus making my trip unenjoyable.  Then again, I learned!  As what I’ve read from Paulo Coelho, “Record things in your heart.  It’s more important than trying to show people what you’re experiencing.”

#tosomtravels Tip No.10  Experience

Therefore, EXPERIENCE!  As what I’ve already said in this post, “When I travel, I do away with too much shopping (I just buy a thing or two for myself and little pasalubong).  What I do is just go around for a leisurely walk, take snapshots, connect with the locals, and eat whatever food the place offers.  It has always been eat, pray, love journeys for me because what I’m after for is the experience!”

There you have my #tosomtravels tips version 2.0.  I guess this is a better version from my travel tips post here three years ago.  Thank you for journeying with me, dear blog readers! 🙂  ‘Till next time of our #tosomtravels!

Wherever you go, go with all your heart! <3
Wherever you go, go with all your heart! <3
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