Failure = Success

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Success stories are commonly normal.  We get to hear plenty of them from different people in our everyday life.  They are always featured on television, newspapers, and magazines.  We are proud to talk and discuss about them for they bring inspiration to us.  They create positivity and stir our inner beings with good vibes.  As a whole, success stories are important because they give us hope in striving to have a better life.

But had it ever occurred in our minds that before attaining success, there are failures along the way?  We had always been so focused with the success and we didn’t see what’s behind it.  We “fail” to acknowledge the very heart of our success which enables us to learn and toil more to get what we were aiming for.  This is the seven-letter most distasteful word, F-A-I-L-U-R-E.

Failure is a state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective as Wikipedia defines it.  It is falling short into doing something, a lack of success!  It is fearsome but inevitable.  Since there are success stories, there must also be failure stories.  This may be a taboo to some people for the reason of pessimism, but let’s try to accept it.

Wouldn’t it be nice to hear a failure story that leads to a very great success?  We could get life lessons from it on how to be patient and to persevere in times of testing.  It could lighten the burdens we are carrying by understanding that what we are going through is also experienced by the others.  Truly, success without failures is nothing.  It’s not what we get and where we are at but it is how we get there matters.

Furthermore, “Try and try until you die!” is an already worn-out motto.  This just proves that failures occur before attaining success.  So let’s not be hypocrites in not discussing failures.  They are ought to be recognized and be heard.  They are ought to be treated equally with success.  Like success stories, let us also treat failure stories as inspirational in order for us not to become EPIC FAILS!

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