A Desperate Call

No matter how high my educational attainment is,
No matter how wealthy I can become,

No matter how unreachable I can be,

But “I’m also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.”
– Anna Scott (Notting Hill, 1999)


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For the millionth time proven and tested, boys do really get intimidated by me!  So I would just like to broadcast to the universe that I AM JUST A NORMAL AND ORDINARY PERSON just like anyone of you!  I eat street food, I go for a walk at Cotta, and I don’t need to be presented with some lavish material gifts.  Oh come on, dating me cannot be costly!  I am not high maintenance!  So why the heck hesitate?

Now I’m acting like a totally desperate person.  Well, I already am!  Just how pity me that is……:(

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