The Venetian is LOVE

Venice – just by the word itself spells romance.  Just by the word itself spells love love love!

Venezia (Italian of Venice) is a seaport in northeastern Italy, built on numerous small islands in the Lagoon of Venice.  It is a city that sits in water all the time, famous for its gondolas which are its citizens’ mode of transportation.  The city is slow, mysterious, silent, and conservative.  And that’s the reason why people from all over the world are enthralled into experiencing Venice – its enchanting ambiance and the ballad of its romantic gondoliers.  With the beaut of its setting, its architecture, and its artworks, you can totally fall in love with Venice!

Since Venice is in Italy which is in Europe that needs visa and Euros that I can’t afford yet, I could only dream of it!  But thank heavens there is something like Venice in Asia!  I am beyond glad to have known that it is also located right on top of the Philippines, The Venetian Macao!

The Venetian Macao opened last 2007 which is a casino-hotel-entertainment center-shopping center resort complex.  With over 3 000 suites, 110 000-square meter convention space, 3 400 slot machines, 800 gambling tables, and 330 shops of designer brands, it is indeed Asia’s largest single structure hotel building and the world’s largest casino.  Much more, The Venetian had the canals and bridges of sweet ol’ Venice recreated in their man-made infrastructure,the Grand Canal.

The Grand Canal is the venue of the sweetest thing that happened in our family trip.  On-board the gondola with a clever gondolier warbling out tunes of romantic melody, surrounded by spectators snapping pics and taking vids, under a picturesque painted sky where serene clouds hang over the canals, it is just where Papa had the opportunity to kiss Mama under the arc of a lovely bridge. (Sigh…..)  It was just overly romantic!!!  (Because this rarely happens to them.  I mean the kiss, you know.)

the venetian

And that did the deed!!!  The Venetian Macao promises ROMANCE just as Venice had been doing to lovers yesterday, is doing today, and will also be doing tomorrow!  I just can’t help but feel kilig over and over again, seeing Mama and Papa so happy and so sweet! <3  This is just the place to be for parents like them who had been working out marriage for over 32 years!

the venetian gondola
Now if you want to propose marriage to your lover, celebrate a wedding anniversary, or just say “ti amo” to youramore, the Grand Canal’s gondola ride would be the perfect place for you!  Your girl would certainly swoon over you as you take her by the shadow of your lurv!  Ayeeeee!!!!!  Now you might be surprised of this sudden mawkishness that seldom happens here in this blog.  Well, that’s the dearest thing that The Venetian Macao can ever do to you!

Macau Venetian (1)

Photo Courtesy of The Venetian Macao
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