Dahilayan Adventure Park

dahilayan adventure park
March is here which signals the start of a very long hot summer season!  I can already feel it in the atmosphere.  I admit, summer is not really my fave season of the year ‘coz I don’t like that kind of warm weather.  Who wants too much hotness, right?  So to beat the heat, we find places wherein we can quench and drench our body with coldness.  And up to the highlands we go!  Here in Mindanao, we have our version of Baguio and it is Bukidnon, home of Dahilayan Adventure Park.

dahilayan adventure park4
This post is almost a year outdated for I didn’t have the time to get through this last summer.  I prioritized writing about my other trips then.  But it’s always better late than never, right?  I’m just reminded of this now because my colleagues are again planning for another trip this coming last week of March.  Yipey!  Our whole department is getting giddy for it.  So before that, here’s our day tour escapade at Dahilayan Adventure Park!

dahilayan adventure park8
It was lunchtime when we arrived so we had lunch directly at Pine Grove Mountain Lodge.   Their menu is just like any other menu in Mindanao hotel/resort setting.  You know, they have the basics like sinigang, fried chicken, crispy pata and the like.  I didn’t even noticed if they have any specialty of the house.  To rate their food, I just give it a 6 out of 10 if we compare it internationally with respect to presentation and that distinct taste that can be remembered though they serve the same dishes with the others.

dahilayan adventure park7
However, the interior of the place is love!  As a lover of all things rare and old, I instantly fell!  They got a collection of authentic antiques – phonograph record, telephone, barometer, guns, etc.  These are only a few of the collector’s items that are on display all over the place.  You can get to touch these precious ones except the guns (of course) for these are not encased.  I guess the owner of the place is just so generous for having a little museum without restrictions to public access.

dahilayan adventure park5dahilayan adventure park6
After having lunch, off we went to our adventure which is Asia’s longest dual zipline!  Oh my gosh, my knees were literally quivering.  But as an acrophobic, it’s my greatest pleasure to brag to you that I survived it.  Better click here for my once-in-a-lifetime zipline experience!  Thanks to Ma’am Sherile for the encouragement.

dahilayan adventure park2
Then we roam around to see more of the place.  Though the sun is up, we feel the cold air whipping our hair with the refreshing aroma of pine trees wafting in the air.  It was just so relaxing!

dahilayan adventure park3
So this summer, don’t fail to include Dahilayan Adventure Park in your itinerary!  Visit their official websitehere for more information and reservations.  Tune in to The Other Side of Mae for more of our Dahilayan adventure! #tosomtravels

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