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A 4-star boutique hotel we stayed in at Siem Reap, Cambodia.  We got so lucky ‘coz it was newly-refurbished when we were there.  The moment we stepped into its lobby, we were awed!  At past 12 midnight, we were welcomed with the invigorating scent of lemongrass wafting in the air.  In addition, servings of ice cold fresh lemongrass tea were served as welcome drinks together with a cold damp face towel to refresh us from our very long journey from Ozamiz to Manila to Siem Reap.  What a day of flight connections and thank God it’s Tara Angkor Hotel to give us a very good night sleep!

A Flower-Filled Lobby
Supplies-Filled Rooms

The following morning after chasing sunrise in Angkor Wat, we enjoyed having our first breakfast at Tong Tara (Golden River) Restaurant, one of the resident restos of the hotel.  It offers an exuberant supply of food from all corners of the world.  May you prefer Continental, English, American, or Asian, oh, they just have everything in their lavish buffet!  For starters, I always love having garden fresh salad and Tong Tara has a superb salad bar with an assortment of flavorful dressings, greens, and fixings like nuts, raisins, and various cheeses!  Sorry I haven’t taken photos of their salad bar ‘coz I really got excited to do my own salad combi.  But the photos below can give you a hint of how generous the resto is to their guests!

Next to the salad is the noodle soup counter wherein you can also pick anything you want from the selection of meat, noodles, spices, and broth.  It reminds me so much of Vietnam wherein they have the most celebrated phở as well as the flavors of Thailand for their pad thai and tom yum specialties.  At Tong Tara, I loved the bowl I luckily mishmashed!  I had it super spicy which made me sweat more from our early morning walk.  It was so flavorful with the fresh herbs I also added which inspired me to dream of growing herbs at home.  And voila, dream come true already!  See my post here.

After having a bountiful breakfast, we showered and I regret we didn’t take a swim in their pool.  Then we had our foot massage at Tara Spa.  The spa is so gorgeous with its pretty flowers, homey interior, and relaxing ambiance.  Our foot massage was so heaven!  The hands of the masseuse handling me were so delicate yet so strong.  She gave relaxing presses that I eventually fell asleep and the freebie back massage gently woke me up from my quick bliss.  Moreover, we felt so pampered with a cup of hot jasmine tea to get us going for our next tour!

For only 3 days and 2 nights, our stay at Tara Angkor Hotel was so bitin that we haven’t even used all the facilities and amenities it offers.  If rest is not needed by our physical bodies, then we should not’ve slept and go visit the hotel’s fitness gym, bar, etc. instead.  You may visit their website here for more information.  We also haven’t toured the whole place for pictures and these are only a few that we’ve got.  My apologies for too many solo ones.  Hehe…..

Thanks to the very hospitable and kind staff of Tara Angkor Hotel for making our staycation a very pampered one! 🙂  #tosomtravels

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