“Run for a Priest” Fun Run 2013

Tada!!!  Now here is my first Lasallian activity as a faculty – the “Run for a Priest” Fun Run 2013!  This project is designed to raise funds for the scholarship of the seminarians of Blessed John Paul College Seminary and St. Mary’s Theologate in Brgy. Gango, Ozamis City.  As a university-wide event, all students and faculty of La Salle University Ozamis supported the said event.  In this regard, I had interviewed some of my students to tell about their fun run experience!

“It was a good thing to have exercised and to have helped others.  The weather was not good, it was a rainy morning.  But it was fun to run/walk 3 kilometers anyway.” – Angelo

“My experience in fun run was very squishy splashy!  Enjoying the shower of sweat and rain, especially the splashing on the puddles.  It was an enjoyable experience!”  – Kenneth

“Actually, I didn’t like the idea of a fun run but since it was a university activity, I had to participate.  I found the registration a bit unorganized and some students even got mad.  When the run began, the rain poured but it was really enjoyable to run in the rain!” – James

“The fun run didn’t start on time.  Plus, it rained hard and we had no other choice but to run.  It was very tiring but overall, it really was a fun fund run!”  – Fel

“My sweat mixed with the rain.  I also had cramps and muscle pain in my legs due to running too fast and I was not conditioned to do so.  It was quiet an experience not necessarily fun but not bad either.”  – Lou

“When we heard the gun fire, we started to walk.  I thought that it was just for a moment but people weren’t moving any faster.  They were just walking!  We couldn’t pass through them then the rain started to pour.  That was when people started to run.  We had fun running in the rain.  I felt like I was a little kid again.  And the thought that we were running for a reason made it even more special.”  – Dyenelle

Now here are some hazy photos taken by my phone:

Hataw at the ICC Arts Center
Squishy Splashy Fun Run
Squishy Splashy Fun Run
Running the Race for a Cause
Running the Race for a Cause
“Run for a Priest” Fun Run 2013 is part of La Salle University’s community extension.  Click here for more information on other Lasallian projects.
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