Familia Olandesca Thanksgiving Celebrations

2016 is a great year for us in the family since we celebrated three big occasions for the first 2 quarters of the year!  As a middle class family, it is rare for us to host parties or even just to invite friends over for lunch or dinner at our house.  Though me and my sisters cook, we only have an open house once a year and that is solely during new year’s eve.  Or maybe I can appeal for twice ‘coz it is when two years happen at the same setting.  You know, saying goodbye to the previous year and welcoming the new year.  And since we do that every year, that already counts for two!  Hehe…..  Now back to the topic.  This year has been extra special for us ‘coz we had milestones which call for thanksgiving!

To start with, Papa celebrated his 65th birthday twice last March.  He had it at PNB, the love of his life and at the compound with the pastors, the second love of his life!  When compared with us, it is Papa who always gets giddy for birthdays.  He plans, he invites, he solicits!  Hehe…..  Yes, he does!  He wants everybody to participate in the celebration so he gets everyone involved by hook or by crook!  That’s how unique our Papa is.  Getting his own plans done, with the expense of anybody.  Haha!  That’s why people came to love him!

Papa with His Fellow Retirees and the New Bankers


Papa’s Celebration with the Pastors

A month after, our second sister April celebrated her 30th birthday and thanksgiving for passing the Singapore Nursing Board Exam at Bethany Gardens.  It was an exclusive party for immediate family and close friends.  But having gone out of Ozamiz for almost a decade now made us realize that she only had a few friends left in town.  So the party became extra exclusive so everybody were given more attention and the event was so intimate.  The party started with a brief preaching from Papa’s bff pastor, Uncle Marion.  Everyone had a good laugh when he inserted that everybody must lay their hands up on us for God’s blessing of future spouses.  Lol!  Good thing is, there’s already a future spouse (God willing) on hand for our birthday girl!!!  Now that’s an add-on to the thanksgiving!  Hehe…..



Then two months after, it was Mama’s turn.  She had the grandest birthday bash for the first time of her entire life!  At 65, it was also her retirement party so her colleagues were all present as well as two of our honorable government officials.  Nevertheless, the party was jam-packed with relatives, friends, and friends of friends!  As lovers of ballroom dancing, we hired Sir Cleofe, Misamis Occidental’s ultimate one-man band to entertain us with live music.  To get the party going, Auntie Bebot and company gave a dance number after our (the 3 sisters) opening number with the DI’s.  Yes, we also hired dance instructors so we’ll have partners on the dance floor!  Unfortunately, no photos of us dancing were taken ‘coz the audience were all mesmerized by our dance moves!  Haha!


The night was full of fun for Mama ‘coz she didn’t expect to have that much guests!  No program was prepared and there were plenty of bloopers but we still managed to pull the night off.  What’s important was she enjoyed entertaining her guests and well-wishers.  Moreover, the De La Torre gang made a running man video wherein Mama participated with her very own version.

Thanks to Ate Maritcha of Bethany Gardens and to Cakes by Roxannie for the dessert table!  Balloons and giveaways still from Fascino by Maria Rosalia!  🙂

So this is how we celebrated for the first half of the year.  Of course there will still be other celebrations coming for the last quarter of 2016!  Thank you, Lord for all the blessings that You showered upon us!  Thank your for keeping us under Your grace all through these years! 🙂  Spend some quality time with your family, folks for it must be where your heart is! <3

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