Tarragon Chicken with Rosemary and Baby Potatoes

I’m using Mother’s Best Barbecue Marinade which is our Yaya Luz’s secret through the years.

Next is my sister Laling’s secret – Maggi Oyster Sauce.

And my favorite Del Monte Sweet Blend Ketchup!

Add garlic for heat.

Fire up using your Happycall, a nonstick double-sided pressure pan!  Cook in low heat, meat goes very tender but the juices remain.  I’m so happy I got this pan from my sister Ep2x! 🙂

Add fresh tarragon and baby potatoes.  Tarragon gives an aniseed flavor to the dish.

For the last touch-up, add fresh rosemary for a piney flavor.

Oh, the smell of Christmas all over our house makes #SundayHomeCooking more special!  This recipe is definitely a must-cook!  By the way, I chopped an apple, cucumber, and some lettuce as side dish.  I topped my version of fresh garden salad with dill for a more green taste.

Tarragon, rosemary, and dill are grown at our backyard so they are guaranteed organic.  Fresh herbs from my tiny garden make cooking more fun and affordable to me!  If you also want to grow your own herbs, just message me for a special price per pot! 🙂

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