Egg Sandwich: As Easy As 1,2,3

Preparing sandwiches for the Cotta kids is something I often do.  I started doing this the other year for my 29th birthday, followed by having this as our project during my JCI term 2012, and this time my parents continue our cause.  But for Papa’s birthday tomorrow, we decided to do something different like reaching out to what is near to us instead.  So Papa opted for a Bible story reading to our neighborhood kids.  Additionally, our cause was also very special today because I had my guest in preparing the sandwiches.  Presenting to you, my very dear niece – Ella Venice Garcia.

Ella loves to see us cook ever since!  She’s very eager in learning how to cook.  And since she’s already turning six next month, it’s about time to let her experience hands-on.  But this is with the exemption of the hot stove and flames.  So for the newbie, I had her practice on making egg sandwiches.  This is very easy for kids like her!  Now here are Ella’s Egg Sandwich Easy Steps:

1.  Peel off the shells of hard-boiled eggs (boil eggs with the help of an adult).

Tita Instructs How to Peel Off Egg Shells Properly
Tita Instructs How to Peel Off Egg Shells Properly
2.  Smash eggs, mix in mayonnaise, and add salt, pepper, and sugar to taste.

3.  Spread on loaf bread evenly and wrap in cellophane.

There you have Ella’s Egg Sandwich Recipe as easy as 1, 2, 3!  Plenty of kids enjoyed her sandwiches that made Lopaw very happy! 🙂


Job very well done, baby langga!  Watch out for more of Ella’s cooking diary…..

Summer cooking classes for kids are now open for registration at Misamis Union High School!   Call (088) 521-0042 and look for Ms. Jennifer Salud for more information.

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