When Their Success Becomes Also My Success

Teaching for quiet sometime now had given me my ups and downs.  It has been a roller coaster ride to me – being mad, being happy, being annoyed, being playful, and being exasperated with students!  But as I go along the way in this career, there are also surprises which keep me going.

Surprise #1  My Forever Junior Griffins Visitation

My junior griffins haven’t failed visiting me each break from their schooling in other places since their graduation in high school.  They really take time in seeing me even just for a while for some small talk, kulit bonding moments, and picture-taking.  I was so glad that this summer break, Sylvianne and Anwyl surprisingly popped out at my hub in Medina College last Thursday! 🙂  They had grown up so fast that they will be in their third year of college studies this month.  It is so amazing for me as their third year high school adviser seeing them matured a bit and serious with their studies.  Sa ngayon palang, I already smell success for the both of them!

Surprise #2  My Pharmacy Students’ Culmination in Their Pharmacying Duties

Since the first batch of college students I had taught in Medina already graduated last March, my first batch of all-girl class also finished their very long hours of pharmacying duties.  It was so great bumping into a few of them at Rose Pharmacy Gaizano last Friday, celebrating the end of their on-the-job training.  I haven’t imagined seeing them gone this far in their pharmacy course for they were once this noisy bunch of sassy girls whom I got to scold from time to time in their boisterous wake.  I am so glad to see them pursuing their course with much gusto and this will definitely pave their way to greater success! 🙂

Now as another school year is about to start, I’m looking forward into meeting my upcoming freshmen students.  Surely, I can be more mad, more annoyed, and more exasperated with these students but time will also come that I would be happy seeing them in their success.  As a mentor, every student’s success is what I look after for.  I hope that I am not that too harsh on them so they would be able to still remember me wherever they will be at in the near future.  I hope that they will remember not the monster Miss Mae but the sweet Miss Mae as what I am working on! 🙂
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